Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ranch Visiting and Christmas Decorating

Yesterday we went over to Nick’s side of the families house to visit and celebrate a recent wedding of one of his cousins.  We went by their horse ranch and Andrew loved looking at all the animals! They had tons of pheasants, horses, dogs, cats, a parrot, and even a peacock!

The peacock

DSC02631-1(rev 1)

It was freezing,but he could have cared less!

DSC02632-1(rev 1)

The pretty horse

DSC02635-1(rev 1)

We had a great visit with everyone and Andrew got to play with 4 of his boy cousins! 5 little boys from the age of 13, 10, 7, 4, and 21 months was really fun!

Today we went and picked up our Christmas Tree!! We have used an artificial tree for the last 4 years, but some of the lights died. We were ready for a real tree anyway! We also got some of the new LED lights and I am not so sure how I feel about them. They are really bright!

DSC02643-1(rev 1)   DSC02645-1(rev 1) DSC02646-1(rev 1) DSC02647-1(rev 1) DSC02648-1(rev 1) DSC02649-1(rev 1) DSC02650-1(rev 1)

I only put out a few decorations. Our living situation is going to be very hectic in the next few months, so I figured we would go big next year!

DSC02644-1(rev 1)

Some of my Santa collection

DSC02642-1(rev 1)


DSC02653-1(rev 1)

I ordered this apron for Andrew and I cannot wait for him to help in the Kitchen!

DSC02654-1(rev 1)

As I was taking pictures of the tree this little one work up to quiet a suprise! He just kept saying “Wow…Cool…Wow!!!”  He has done very well with keeping his hands off!

DSC02657-1(rev 1)

He even started saying Falcons today!! GO FALCONS!!! Great win today!

DSC02659-1(rev 1)

He loved shaking this bell wreath!

DSC02661(rev 1)

Now that we have a break in holidays I am back to more sensible eating! My pants are getting tighter and tighter, so I have to revert back to low calorie and slim fast. Who else is ready for for a food break! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE food, but enough is enough! My thighs and stomach will think me!

10 calorie jello!!!

DSC02637-1(rev 0) DSC02638-1(rev 0) DSC02639-1(rev 0) DSC02640-1(rev 0)

I love my new “sippy” cup (as Nick calls it!) from Target. It is sporting Caffeine free DIET coke.

 DSC02641-1(rev 0)

Sorry so long! I am off to relax before going back to work tomorrow. Only one Master’s class left and 3 weeks of work!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 Part 1

We had a great Thanksgiving yesterday. We started by watching the Macy’s parade. Always a tradition with me! Andrew loved seeing the Sponge Bob Balloon and Sesame Street Float. Nick fixed turkey and dressing while Andrew and I made turkey and pumpkin shaped cookies. I didn’t take any pictures, but they were really cute!

Later we headed over to my parents to have a feast! Here are some pictures!

Andrew enjoyed playing with his nieces and nephews!

76056_464255700145_543035145_6239235_4116770_n(rev 1)

Me and my sisters

148497_464255905145_543035145_6239243_6921590_(rev 1) 149857_464255940145_543035145_6239244_3603236_(rev 1) 150570_464255720145_543035145_6239236_2044046_(rev 1) 154378_464255760145_543035145_6239237_2986751_(rev 1)

My mom and Andrew

154733_464255885145_543035145_6239242_2783148_(rev 1)

I had to steal these pictures from my sister because my camera died right when I took one picture! We are celebrating with Nick’s side of the family tonight, so hopefully I will do better!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Curly Style and Bubble Baths

I have being wearing my hair exclusively curly for a while now and I have had several people ask me how I fix it. Well with the right products it couldn’t be easier! I am addicted to the low effort style and I may never go back to all the work. What I do literally takes seconds, besides the washing part of course. I am currently using Garnier Fructis products but I am sure this could be used with anything. I really like the way they smell and keep my hair soft.

My products

DSC02510-1(rev 0)

Step 1: Wash and Condition

Step 2: Leave hair wrapped on towel while brushing teeth and putting on makeup to absorb some water.

Step 3: Brush hair with wide tooth comb.

Step 4: Turn head upside down and scrunch in Wonder Waves mouse.

DSC02511-1(rev 0)

Step 5: Flip hair over and part with fingers. Spray with Wonder Waves curl boosting spray.DSC02512-1(rev 0)

Step 6: Get dressed and do what ever you need to do for about 10 to 15 mins so hair can set and dry some.

Step 7: Apply Surf Style Cream to hair and finish with hairspray.

DSC02513-1(rev 0)DSC02514-1(rev 0)

I sometimes reapply toward the evening depending on if I am going anywhere.

I know 7 steps sounds like a lot,but no steps takes longer than 30 seconds. I hope that was helpful! Of course this only works if you have some curl to your hair!

Ta-Dah! Couldn’t be easier! It is still a little wet in this picture.

DSC02533-1(rev 1)


I will also leave you with some house addition photos. They are working on the siding and shingles. All plumbing and most electrical work is complete. I see drywall in the near future!!     

DSC02543-1(rev 1) DSC02544-1(rev 1) DSC02545-1(rev 1) DSC02547-1(rev 1) DSC02548-1(rev 0)

I can feel the bubble bath now!

DSC02549-1(rev 0)

Shower with  his and her shower heads.

 DSC02550-1(rev 0)


DSC02551-1(rev 0)

The doorway on the left is coming in from the front door and the one on the right is the staircase joining the two spaces.

DSC02552-1(rev 0)

I am loving my dining room windows!!

DSC02553-1(rev 0)

Enjoy your Saturday!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Andrew 21 Months

Andrew turns 21 months on the 18th, so I am actually early this month!

Weight/Height:  I am guessing around 23 lbs and about 31 inches tall.

Clothes: 18 months (most pants this size are still really long), size 4 diapers, and size 5 to 6 shoe.

Food: He is drinking 2 sippy cups of milk, one in the morning and one sometime during the day.   He also drinks about 3 cups of juice mixed with water.  He has a few NEW foods that he is eating and they include: grapes, apples, bread, and fruit snacks.

Motor Skills: Running and trying to hop.  The baby sitter said he rolled over and did a flip on accident. He then did it 3 more times! I have yet to see this, but I can’t wait! He is also getting really into climbing on things. I heard about this from other parents, so I am sure I am in for it!

Sleep: He is still sleeping great in his BIG BOY BED!! I lay him down around the same time every night (8:00ish). He is still awake (which is a huge accomplishment!) and he falls asleep with NO tears within a few mins.!!! Mom and Dad are enjoying having their bed back, even though I still miss the cuddling!  He is still taking one nap a day and it is usually 3 hours long!

Talking: Constantly talking and saying new words. He can basically repeat anything I say, so it is hard to list new words. He is starting to put together 2 and 3 word phrases. He is also really big into answering questions with a yes or no. Very helpful when you need to know something!

Teeth: He has gone from 7 to about 12 in the last few weeks. Crazy!

Interest: Still loves coloring, being outside, and looking at books. He is getting into trains more and more and we are thinking that might be what Santa is bringing this year. He is also loving throwing things in the trash for us. He is becoming such a clown and has the biggest personality!

Drinking from a straw and uses a fork and spoon.

DSC02452-1(rev 1) DSC02468-1(rev 1) DSC02469-1(rev 1) DSC02471-1(rev 1) DSC02498-1(rev 1)

Being silly!

DSC02482-1(rev 1) DSC02484-1(rev 1) DSC02489-1(rev 1) DSC02492-1(rev 1) DSC02496-1(rev 1)