Monday, November 1, 2010

More Progress

The house addition is coming along. We have had some rain and everything is full of RED mud! Anyway here is the progress! Warning: Lots of pictures!

We have second story, plywood all around, and roofing paper.

DSC02350(rev 1)

Side view

DSC02352(rev 1)

Back View

DSC02353-1(rev 0)

Close up of back, French doors coming off of Kitchen

DSC02354-1(rev 0)

Living Room:

DSC02355-1(rev 0) DSC02356-1(rev 0) DSC02357-1(rev 0)

1/2 Bath:

DSC02358-1(rev 0) 

Master Bedroom:

DSC02359-1(rev 0)

DSC02360-1(rev 0)

Master Bath:

DSC02361-1(rev 0)

Master Closet:

DSC02362-1(rev 0)

Dining Room:

DSC02363-1(rev 0) DSC02364-1(rev 0)


DSC02365-1(rev 0) DSC02366-1(rev 0)


DSC02367-1(rev 0)

Someone having fun!

DSC02369-1(rev 1)

The space with no wood will be where the stairs will join the two spaces.

DSC02381-1(rev 0)

Someone Busy WORKING!

DSC02385-1(rev 1) DSC02387-1(rev 1) DSC02389-1(rev 1)

Second story storage/attic space:

DSC02391(rev 1) DSC02392(rev 0) DSC02395(rev 0)

View from the top:

DSC02394(rev 1) 

Hope you enjoyed this tour!


J said...

It's coming right along! Love that storage space! What a nice addition. I can't wait to see it finished.

Cute photos of Andrew working :-)

BK said...

Yay! It's coming along quickly! Love Andrew's photos, he's the cutest fella!

The Allens said...

The pictures of him playing are awesome!