Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend Update

I hope everyone had a great weekend. We had a busy weekend!

Friday: After work and a little relaxing we headed over to Amy’s to meet baby Dylan!! He is just so adorable and Andrew have him lots of hugs!

We are looking a little crazy!

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We brought them Mexican and enjoyed the new baby.

Saturday we were up bright and early! We dropped Andrew off at my parents so we could look at cabinets for the addition. We are having Kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity, mantel, and bookcases around the fireplace made. We are going to get an estimate of the price this week. I hope we can afford it!

We picked Andrew up and headed home for lunch and a nap. We then headed to Sear’s to order appliances, Target for odds and ends, and Lowes for ceiling fans and lighting. We got a lot done! I am glad things are starting to come together.

Speaking of Target, as I was looking around for shampoo for Andrew I noticed this:

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I saw this when I was researching Andrew’s eczema and thought you had to order it online. It is a little pricey, but Andrew just keeps breaking out on his face so I wall willing to try. We used it Saturday night and the cream today and I can really tell a difference!

Sunday we were up early so we headed to the grocery store at 8:30! Then went home for a short time and headed to church. Andrew again cried when we left. He was having so much fun playing! I spent Andrew’s nap grading tons of papers. This evening we joined my family to eat supper. We had yummy beef stew and I made a chocolate éclair. I will share the recipe soon! 

That was my eventful weekend. How was yours?

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Meg said...

That sounds awesome! Can't wait to see the recipe