Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Andrew 22 months

Weight/Height: 24 lbs and about 33 inches tall

Clothes: 18 months for pants and shirts, size 4 diapers, and size 5 to 6 shoe.

Food: He is drinking 2 Sippy cups of milk, one in the morning and one sometime during the day.   He also drinks about 3 cups of juice mixed with water.  He is still very picky but beginning to have more of an appetite.

Motor Skills: Still running, spinning in circles, going up stairs a lot faster, dancing all the time, and basically trying to make us laugh all the time!

Sleep: He is still sleeping great in his BIG BOY BED!! I lay him down around the same time every night (8:00ish) and he goes to sleep on his own  He is still taking one nap a day and it is usually 2-3 hours long! He sleeps well for the babysitter, but not near as long. He loves his bed at home!

Talking: Constantly talking and saying new words. He can basically repeat anything I say, so it is hard to list new words. He is starting to put together 2 and 3 word phrases. New words: GO FALCONS!, Oh snap!, Oh crocky! (yes like the Australians!), Santa Claus, Christmas Tree, Crazy, silly, clock, Duncan (instead of uncan), Ho Ho Ho (when you ask what Santa says), presents, and SOOO much more. I can’t keep up! He can also name basically everything from this book and sounds of all the animals! I highly recommend this book! OUrs is in pieces from the constant use.

Teeth: Tons of new teeth. I have lost count!
Interest: Loves playing with cars, trains, and books. Still enjoys going on rides in the car, visiting grandparents, and being out and about. He is beginning to clean up after himself (thanks to small pieces of candy!).

Potty Training: I added this category because he seems very interested! He will now tell us every time he goes number 2 and sometimes before he goes pee pee. He is beginning to not like the wet feeling of the diaper and this has never bothered him before. I am still thinking this summer my be good for potty training, but he may want it sooner than later. We will see!


We love our little boy beyond belief!! He melts my heart all the time and it so much fun to be around. I am so happy he is still a mama’s boy!

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