Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Card Pictures

Several weeks ago my friend Amy took some family pictures for Nick’s mom. While she was taking pictures I also had her take some of Andrew, Nick, and I for our Christmas card pictures. They turned out so great!

Group picture of Nick’s dad, mom, brother grandmother, and us!

IMG_5254(rev 1)

Andrew playing in the leaves!

IMG_5250(rev 1)    IMG_5257(rev 1) IMG_5262(rev 1) IMG_5271(rev 1) IMG_5251(rev 1)IMG_5274(rev 1) IMG_5276(rev 1) IMG_5284(rev 1) IMG_5291(rev 1)  IMG_5293(rev 1)IMG_5295(rev 1) IMG_5302(rev 1) IMG_5306(rev 1)

The pictures could not have been better! Thanks Amy!!