Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Andrew started having a running nose and cough Sunday. Nick took him to the doctor Monday and found out that he has a cold and croup. I am glad it was not worse. The flu is going rampant around the school I where I teach. He is feeling so much better and went to the babysitters today with no problems. It is amazing what medicine can do! Here is my sick baby taking a bubble bath! I spoke about California Baby products recently and I picked up this Saturday. It has a menthol type smell and really helped Andrews coughing! It even has a wand to blow bubbles with!

DSC02791-1(rev 1) DSC02795-1(rev 1) DSC02797-1(rev 0)

Here he is exploring with a flashlight and box!

DSC02806-1(rev 1) DSC02807-1(rev 1) DSC02808-1(rev 1) DSC02810-1(rev 1)

3 more days of work till Holiday break!!!! I couldn’t be any happier!!! Enjoy the COLD week!

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The Allens said...

I have not heard of the bath stuff - awesome!