Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year’s Resolutions 2011


It is that time again! I know people have different opinions on making resolutions. I am all about it! Why not try to better yourself and enter the new year on a positive note. I have a few resolutions that I hope to really stick with this year.

1.) Get in Shape!! Yeah I know, so cliché!! Nick and I plan on having another child in the near future, so I want to be in good shape before gaining a crazy amount of weight. I am at the weight I was before I was pregnant last time, but I would like to lose more and and tone up! I bought Nick a Kinect for Christmas (which is so COOL!) and bought The Biggest Loser. It is really neat and keeps with all of your measurements and weight. It customizes a workout for the areas you need to work on. My areas were butt and legs by far! LOL! I knew that already!


2.) Get rid of clutter!!! Our house and garage are so OUT of CONTROL!!! The house addition has completely thrown everything out of whack. The garage it filled to the top with stuff and it is driving me crazy. I vow to not let the new part get like the existing part and get rid of stuff!!! I am so ready for all the dirt, dust, and people to get out of the house, so we can go back to normal!! Okay I am done with my tantrum!!


3.) Add a new member to our family!!! I  have gone back and forth a million times and still am sometimes. I am a little scared of how this would work, the expense, Andrew adjusting, and so many things. However, when it comes down to it, I want Andrew to have a sibling that is close in age. I will be done with Master’s classes and the house will be done. Perfect time! I am going to get off birth control in mid February, so we will see what happens. I hope we are blessed again with a little miracle!

That is all for the upcoming year! They are pretty big resolutions and I hope to accomplish all of them. I am going to post more about the workout part. I have only done the fitness test. I plan on updating weekly progress to keep me motivated.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!


Amy said...

I am so excited that you guys are going to try for #2!! I can't wait to hear all about your journey again!! Getting in shape is at the top of my list this year as well. When the weather gets warmer we will have to walk some!! I want to declutter as goal..SAVE SAVE SAVE for a new house!!!

Robyn Beele said...

Yes we will HAVE to walk!! Good luck with the saving! I am sure with Michael by your side (and his budget spreadsheet) you will have NO problems!

Meg said...

Yay!! So excited for you guys! I'd love to have another but I've got to finish school first. Boo! I have a ton of clutter myself...

J said...

Robyn - that is SO exciting! Love these resolutions. :-)