Friday, December 30, 2011

Last Christmas post

I have a few more pictures to share of Christmas!
Christmas photo shoot: He was not in the mood!
DSC06350(rev 1)DSC06351(rev 1)
Yay a smile!
DSC06353(rev 1)DSC06355(rev 1)
There’s that silly grin again..LOL!
DSC06356(rev 1)
“Are you done?”
DSC06360(rev 1)
I am so ready to lose weight after this pregnancy!
DSC06362(rev 1)DSC06363(rev 1)
Andrew with Uncle Eric riding his new tricycle from Pop and Grammie.
DSC06415(rev 1)DSC06416(rev 1)
Playing with finger that was a gift from cousin Rica.
DSC06417(rev 1)DSC06419(rev 1)DSC06421(rev 1)
I think that is all the Christmas photos! Have a great day!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

More projects

I saw this idea on none other that Pinterest! It was so simple and easy.
I had these two frames from Goodwill ($1.50 each) and spray painted them white.
DSC06335(rev 1)
Removed the mats and added scrapbook paper (of course!) and hot glued clips. I thought this would be great for hanging up pictures of projects I would like to complete. Simple and cheap! My kind of project!
DSC06463(rev 1)DSC06464(rev 1)
I know I keep changing the office pictures, but I just can’t seem to get it just like I like it. Hopefully Nick will finish the one countertop soon!

Pinterest Projects for 2012

I am addicted to Pinterest!! I know I am not alone. I have found TONS of things to use in my classroom. It makes so excited to even think about some of the things I will be using very soon!
Of course crafts, recipes, and décor is also at the top of the list. However, I feel like I am constantly pinning and not doing. You know what I mean? Well I have decided to make a list of things for each month, for this upcoming year, and tackle them! I hope others join in!!
January: Paint Chip Calendar
I have already got all the paint chips, so now all I need is a frame!
February: Yearly Picture
I actually went back and did this for Andrew’s 2nd birthday, so I look forward to creating a even better one for his 3rd!
Scrapbook paper artwork
I am thinking this would be adorable for the new babies room!
March: Spring Wreath
Very St.Patrick’s Day and Spring!
April: Magnetic Board
At this point I am sure I will be doing a lot of things for the babies’ room, so this will be nice for Andrew.
May: Freezer Meals
Great for when baby comes!

June: After baby diet
This will be needed!
July: Back to School Wreath
We start back at the beginning of August, so hopefully this will be done in July!
August: I am going to leave this month free! Work will begin again and I am sure I will be just surviving!
September: Fall Wreath
October: Chalkboard Cookie Pan
I just think this is adorable! I am not sure I will wait till Oct.!
November: Thumbprint Ornaments
I think these will be great for the grandparents and our own tree.
December: Christmas Card Holder
So simple, which is what I will need in December!
I really hope others feel inspired to join in and create their own list!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Simple and Clean

I LOVE the holidays! Doesn’t everyone? What I do not like is the clutter. Yesterday, Nick and I took down all the Christmas décor. I LOVED it, but enough was enough. I wanted to change the look of my living room a little and go with more of a simple and clean look. I have a lot of dark colors going on I the room with the furniture, so I needed some colors to brighten and lighten up the space.

Winter Entry Table: I am shopping around for a mirror to go over the table. I also HATE that cord hanging down. I thinking of a large basket to cover it and have room for blankets.

DSC06437(rev 1)DSC06438(rev 1)

This organic prints were printed off the internet and the corks were moved from the kitchen. The coral was from our honeymoon in Miami.

DSC06439(rev 1)

The star plate was a wedding gift and was originally in our bathroom.

DSC06440(rev 1)

The couch had some dark red striped pillows and I replaced those with the solid light blue ones from our bed.

DSC06451(rev 1)

Remember this?:


I replaced the prints with scrapbook paper I had left over. LOVE!

DSC06452(rev 1)DSC06453(rev 1)DSC06454(rev 1)DSC06455(rev 1)

I am also shopping around for a bigger lamp (Goodwill here I come!)

DSC06456(rev 1)

Another side table. Below is Andrew’s winter and Christmas books.

DSC06457(rev 1)DSC06458(rev 1)

This is the mantle and book shelves. Everyone needs a workbench in their living room, right?

DSC06462(rev 1)

I then decided to tackle our bed. We have had a duvet cover on the bed since we changed rooms and it is driving both of us bonkers! The inside comforter constantly fell to the bottom. It was a nightmare to sleep with. So, I bought a basic blanket and along with NEW sheets (Thanks Trish) changed it from this:

DSC06441(rev 1)

To this! I just used the duvet cover at the end of the bed and nicely tucked the blanket and sheets under the mattress.

DSC06444(rev 1)DSC06446(rev 1)

LOVE! Obviously the small pillows were moved to the living room after this shoot.

DSC06447(rev 1)

I also “stole” this picture frame from the living room bookcase and replace it with MORE scrapbook paper.

DSC06449(rev 1)

I cold really get use to this 2 1/2 weeks of being a SAHM. I can get so much done during nap time!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

We ate (a lot!), opened tons presents, and enjoyed time with family. It was a great Christmas!!
Andrew woke up at 5:45am (which is his normal time) and was stunned to see that Santa FINALLY came. He was so precious opening all of his presents and saying “wow” every time. Just so I will remember he got a bucket of dinosaurs, bucket of pretend food, play pots and pans (he is really into cooking), a work bench that was full of tools, and truck just like daddy’s! He also got stocking suffers: Cars 2 and New How to Train a Dragon movie (watched 5 times already!), candy, 3 trucks, and a fishing game.
DSC06374(rev 1)DSC06377(rev 1)DSC06384(rev 1)DSC06388(rev 1)DSC06390(rev 1)
This was waiting in the garage! He was SOOO excited! It was freezing and barley daylight, but he didn’t care!
DSC06392(rev 1)
He has already mastered putting the truck in forward and reverse. He was hilarious driving! We had to put it in the fastest mode to drive on the gravel and he was flying! He kept turning around to smile and wave instead of watching where he was going. Luckily we live on a open field, so no worries.
DSC06398(rev 1)
Duncan did not care for the drive!
DSC06399(rev 1)DSC06400(rev 1)
We had Nick’s parents, brother, grandmother, and my parents over for a late breakfast. The food was so good! Breakfast food is my favorite! Later that night we went over to Nick’s parents to have Christmas with them. More pics to come!
I am diligently trying to sort through the chaos of new toys!