Monday, January 31, 2011

Rub a Dub Dub Cowboy!

Andrew loves playing with his cowboy hat from his 1st birthday! I can’t believe we are planning his 2nd birthday! Time flies!!!!

Andrew still LOVES bath time and it getting a little better about getting out. He use to cry the whole time you were trying to dress him, but we are improving.

DSC03283-1(rev 1)DSC03285-1(rev 1)DSC03289-1(rev 1)DSC03295-1(rev 1)DSC03296-1(rev 1)DSC03304-1(rev 1)

His mood has been a lot better lately. We went to three stores and to eat yesterday and he was wonderful. He did get tired of being in the buggy, but I can’t blame him. I really considering one of these when another baby comes along. Does anyone have one? How do you like it?


Sunday, January 30, 2011

We are almost done!

The house addition will be done in a week or so!! We are so excited to have more space. We have lived in a very cramped space for 6 years and enough is enough. We are ready to raise our family and grow old here!

I tired of making decisions and picking out things! It sounds fun at first, but it gets old quick! I have loved coming home everyday and getting to see the progress. I am ready for all the workers to leave and for us to enjoy the fruits of their labors!

Here are a few pictures of the floors and CLEAN bathroom.

The floors are not cleaned, but you get the idea.

DSC03315-1(rev 0)DSC03316-1(rev 0)DSC03317-1(rev 0)DSC03318(rev 0)DSC03319(rev 0)DSC03320(rev 0)DSC03321(rev 0)DSC03322(rev 0)DSC03323(rev 0)DSC03324(rev 0)DSC03325(rev 0)DSC03326(rev 0)DSC03327(rev 0)DSC03328(rev 0)

This upcoming week we have countertops, shelving for pantry and closet, hooking up appliances, mounting all faucets, sofa, dining room table and chairs, end tables and console table are arriving and being picked up, and cleaning. We are planning on moving some things Friday night and all weekend!

Yesterday we bought the bulk of what was left to buy. We went to an unfinished wood furniture store and found two end tables and a console table for the living room. We also went to Lowes and picked out tile for the backsplash in the kitchen. That should be installed sometime this week. I also picked up art work from Hobby Lobby for the living, dining, bath, and bedrooms. I also got two beautiful lamps from there that I have being eyeing since Christmas.

So that is it! I have class two night this week and I am not happy about that. I am going to wait so long to see progress! I am also posting some cute pictures of Andrew and they will post tomorrow. Have a great week!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Whirl Wind Weekend

Wow the weekend has flown by and was filled with so much fun! Friday we started a new tradition. We are forgoing our normal Friday night La Cabana. In turn we are going to have a rotation of going to each others houses. We went to Michael and Amy’s and had yummy pizza and brownies. We all got to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere where all the babies could cry or run around with no one giving us the “look.” I am loving the new plan!!

Saturday I did laundry and wrote a paper for class while Andrew was napping.  Then we were greeted by Nick’s dad’s side of the family. They came to see the progress on the house. We then went to his parents for BBQ. They were 5 boys from almost 2 (Andrew) all the way to 13. It was a blast! Andrew ran and laughed the entire time!! He thrives in a chaotic (house full of people) environment. He gave everyone a lot of laughs. He tuckered out as soon as we got home and slept till 6:30!! He is usually bright eyed and busy tailed at 5:30.

Sunday we went to Church. Andrew was just as excited as usual. We were joined by friends and babies. The best company! We then went home for lunch and Andrew went fast asleep for a long nap. Nick and I cleaned the garage and laundry room. He has been such a mess with the constant flow of workers. We woke Andrew (after he had been sleeping for over 3 hours!) and headed to Anderson. We stopped by Shoe Carnival and I finally bought some tennis shoes for Andrew and I. We then headed to Sam’s for a buggy FULL of stuff. Then we headed back to town and couldn’t pass up La Cabana. It may just become a Sunday night tradition for the three of us. We practically had the place to ourselves. We then went home for baths and getting ready for Monday. I have class tomorrow-UGH!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and I pray for NOOOO snow! I am over it and I do not want to make up anymore days of work!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The little touches

We have not had much going on with the house this week. Everything is basically done that can be done. We are waiting on countertops and then the sinks and toilets will be installed. The outside rock is FINISHED!! They have to clean up the mess and then I will take pictures. They were able to match the existing rock perfectly!

The bookshelves are complete. The shelves just have to put in place. LOVE them!!

DSC03272(rev 1)

The knobs and pulls for the bathroom vanity are on.

DSC03273(rev 1)

See that corner-That is Nick’s space. I have the REST!!

DSC03282-1(rev 0)

The appliances arrived! Nick is in LOVE! I am too and I may even have to start cooking so I can use them! Smile

DSC03274-1(rev 0)DSC03280-1(rev 0)DSC03281-1(rev 0)

Kitchen and Dining Room lights are installed. LOVE them!!  I found them on They have tons of options and reasonable prices. I choose a different finish then most stuff and I happy with my choice. I didn’t want every fixture to be exactly the same.

DSC03275-1(rev 1)DSC03276-1(rev 0)DSC03277-1(rev 0)DSC03278-1(rev 0)DSC03279-1(rev 0)

Our couch and dining room furniture will come in about 2 weeks and so will the countertops. Then everything will be cleaned and we will finally MOVE IN!!

I am dreading the moving process, but at least we don’t have far to go! Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

23 Months

Weight/Height:  close to the same as last month- 24 lbs and about 33 inches tall- he is a little squirt!

Clothes: 18 months for pants and shirts (some shirts and pants are beginning to get a little small), size 4 diapers, and size 6 shoe.

Food: He is drinking 2 Sippy cups of milk, one in the morning and one sometime during the day.   He also drinks at least 3 cups of juice mixed with water.  He is still very picky but beginning to have more of an appetite. Really likes apples at the moment.

Motor Skills: very active!! He is always running and crawling over things. He makes his mama very scared all the time! Smile He is going down stairs much better as long as you hold on to one hand

Sleep: He is still sleeping great in his BIG BOY BED!! I lay him down around the same time every night (8:00ish) and he goes to sleep on his own  He is still taking one nap a day and it is usually 2-3 hours long! He sleeps well for the babysitter, but not near as long. He loves his bed at home!- same as last month. He is a great sleeper!

Talking: He is constantly talking and saying new words. He can basically repeat anything I say, so it is hard to list new words. He is starting to put together 2 and 3 word phrases. New words: EXCITED!! He says this every time he is really happy for something to happen. Welcome (when you say thank you he says this-so cute), love you-melts my heart!!, stairs, Wal-Mart-apparently we go too much!, names every body part, name TONS of animals with the sound, and recently started counting all the way to 10!!! I still can’t believe it. I have always counted things out to him and finally he caught on. He never misses a number and gets so excited when he gets to ten. However, I CANNOT get him to count in front of anyone but Nick and I. He will say “1, 2, and then start laughing!

Teeth: Tons of new teeth. I have lost count!

Interest: Loves playing with cars, trains, tractors, and books. Still enjoys going on rides in the car, visiting grandparents, and being out and about.  He is getting very intolerant of sitting for a long time at a restaurant. He wants to eat immediately and then wants down. We are going to stick to fast food if possible for awhile. He is obsessed with the Wiggles!! He is also VERY interested in the computer and will sit and watch videos, but really want to use the mouse.

Potty Training: He is still telling us every time he goes number 2 and sometimes before he goes pee pee. He is beginning to not like the wet feeling of the diaper and this has never bothered him before. I believe he is ready, but mommy is not ready!! I don’t want to start on a weekend and leave it up to his babysitter to deal with it during the week. I am really trying to hold off till this summer.

I can’t believe Andrew will turn 2 in a month!! This year has literally FLOWN by!! I don’t know where the time goes. I honestly believe having a toddler is way harder than an infant. Yes the sleep is better, but he is very demanding at times! However he is the most precious thing in my life and I am blessed to have him!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Fun in the Sun

We actually were able to go out and enjoy the fresh air yesterday! It was so nice and Andrew had so much fun. He is such an outdoorsy little boy and the winter is no fun for him! We went swinging, walked around the yard, pushed every riding toy possible, threw balls to Duncan, and even cleaned out some flower beds. I didn’t get to take many pictures because the battery in my camera doesn’t stay charged. I really need to replace that soon!

I am glad we enjoyed it because it is going to rain tonight and all day tomorrow! I am READY FOR NICE WEATHER!!

DSC03258-1(rev 1)DSC03267-1(rev 1)DSC03269-1(rev 1)


Look at our FULL dumpster! I hate that we had this much trash!

DSC03262-1(rev 1)

The rock is still not even started!! I can’t wait to see it when it is!

DSC03263-1(rev 1)

I watched some of the Golden Globes last night and I was so happy to see Chris Colfer win for GLEE!! He was so shocked and humble. All the dresses were beautiful this year! I had to turn to watch the final season premier of Big Love. This show is nothing like it was in the beginning and I don’t even really like it anymore. I have to finish the season though. I am weird like that!

Have a great night!! We have a Boston butt cooking in the Crock Pot. Smells so good!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

WWW-Week 2

Weight Loss: –0 lbs Yeah that is a big FAT zero!!

Workouts: 4 Kinect Biggest Loser workouts-30 mins each

Diet: Breakfast: granola with yogurt and pancakes ( I blame Nick for making and freezing a TON) Lunch: Slim Fast with fruit, Snack: usually 100 calorie pack popcorn or fruit, Dinner: normal but less portions

This is almost true. The diet has definitely been thrown off with being home almost all week ,but I have done better the last several days.

Strengths: I can’t say I had any this week. I guess I just need to step it up this week and not look backwards!

Weaknesses: I could have eaten better and worked out at least 5 times

Goals for next week: Drink more water, eat better, and workout at least 5 days.

House Addition Progress

This may be picture overload, but I have been holding on to some of these pictures for a while. My camera cord decided to stop working but luckily I found another one hidden away.

Stairs are 85 percent complete. Just a little more paint and some touch ups. I am in LOVE with the handrail! It turned out so well! They are still lacking a clear coat on the rails.

DSC03183-2(rev 0)DSC03229-1(rev 1)DSC03230-1(rev 1)DSC03232(rev 1)

The Dining Room still needs one more coat of paint and the chandelier needs to be installed.

DSC03185-2(rev 0)DSC03187-2(rev 0)

Bedroom: Love the color! The can light, outlet covers, and fan have been installed.

DSC03190-2(rev 0)DSC03192-2(rev 0)

Bathroom: What a headache this room has been!! We have had to order tile 3 times!! We are lacking 1 piece! I do love it though!

DSC03193-2(rev 0)DSC03194-2(rev 0)DSC03195-2(rev 0)DSC03196-2(rev 0)DSC03197-2(rev 0)DSC03198-2(rev 0)DSC03247-1(rev 1)

All the hardware and most of the outlet covers are on. The rest will be finished on Monday!

DSC03202-1(rev 0)


Now on to the biggest change The Kitchen!! We got all the cabinets installed and it will be a few more weeks for the countertops. We LOVE them!! I can’t believe how much storage we will have!

We have 3 set of pull out drawers. We are planning on using them for pots and pans.

DSC03211(rev 0)

We have 2 double trashcan pull outs. We wanted 1 for trash and the other 3 for recyclables.

DSC03212-1(rev 0)DSC03213-1(rev 0)

This is the BIG island to sit 4!! I can’t wait to see the counter tops!

DSC03215-1(rev 0)

More upper cabinet pictures below.

Andrew is obsessed with sweeping lately!

DSC03219-1(rev 0)

Pocket door for the pantry. I am meeting with the shelving man Monday to decided on placement of shelves.

DSC03220(rev 0)DSC03221-1(rev 0)DSC03222(rev 0)

Andrew Loves running around!

DSC03223-1(rev 0)DSC03226(rev 0)

Duncan checking everything out.

DSC03231(rev 0)

Still waiting on bookshelves and mantel.

DSC03233(rev 1)


More Kitchen photos.

I love the way they are different heights!

DSC03234(rev 1)

We plan on putting a microwave in the corner.DSC03235-1(rev 1)


DSC03237-1(rev 1)

This vent hood has been giving everyone fits! Thanks to my brother-in-law I think we finally have it ready. It of course needs to be wired and the cover over the duct.

DSC03236-1(rev 1)

DSC03238-1(rev 0)

We have a 3 tier lazy Susan on top and 2 tier one on the bottom.

DSC03239-1(rev 0)

What to put in this glass shelves?

DSC03240-1(rev 0)

Cute little cabinet between the dishwasher and fridge. Perfect for sheet pans and cutting boards.

DSC03241-1(rev 0)

Ceiling fans and lights!

DSC03242-1(rev 1)DSC03243-1(rev 1)

1 more tile!!

DSC03248-1(rev 1)

We put dimmers on tons of lights. I am looking forward to this and it will help save electricity!

DSC03250-1(rev 1)

This is inside of the living room cabinets. All the wiring for the TV will be HIDDEN!

DSC03251-1(rev 1)

This is a sample of the counter tops. We had all intentions of picking out granite, but then we saw this! The material is quartz and is identical to granite, a little cheaper, harder than granite, and is easy to clean! I did not take a picture of the bathroom counter top but it similar, but without the dark spots.

DSC03252-1(rev 1)

Lots still to do!

DSC03253-1(rev 1)

This is the end of the tour! Whew!

DSC03256-1(rev 1)

P.S. I hate that the Falcons lost last night! Andrew said “Go FALCONS” all day and was so excited when they came on. Luckily he made it through the first touch down and then went to sleep. I should have done the same!

DSC03227(rev 1)DSC03228(rev 1)

Have a great week!! I am going to post WWW week 2 post tonight.