Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back to Life…Back to Reality

Today is my last day of Christmas break. I actually seemed really long this time. I guess that is what a rambunctious, almost 2 year old, will do to you! He is definitely entering the terrible 2’s! I don’t prefer that term, but it sometimes feels that way. I never thought he would go through this. He was the BEST baby, but here we are! More on that later.

I have enjoyed our quiet moments and wish it didn’t have to end. School is going to start and we have to hit the ground running. State test are approaching and the pressure is on! I hate the fact that one test means EVERYTHING to the government, but that is reality. Also Thursday my Masters classes start back. I am taking 2 classes this quarter so that should be interesting.

I have been doing really well on one resolution-Getting in Shape. I have done the Biggest Loser Kinect workouts for 4 days in a row. My workout focus is butt and I am so SORE!! It is a really good workout and REQUIRES you to do the correct form. It is very aggravating at times because the hand controls are hard to use, but overall it is going well. The eating is going well also. I am just looking forward to being on a normal work schedule and not be home with all the food. I am plan on doing weekly updates on any improvements. I sure hope I have some to share!! Also I am quitting diet sodas again. I was drinking WAY too many and even though they are zero calories they are still bad for you. Wish me luck! Good luck to anyone else that is working on goals for the new year!

My last day home with my little man!



Meg said...

I am thinking of getting the Xbox and kinect for J for Vday. I considered the wii, but I think the xbox/kinect is better.. Which one do yall have? I know NOTHING about gaming systems. I saw there was a 4GB and a 250G, which is a huge difference.. Let me know what you think.

Can't wait to hear the "2" stories. I think toddlerhood in general is challenging!

Robyn Beele said...

Meg we have the Wii and the Xbox. We NEVER played the Wii. You have to hold a controller and stand on something for the Wii to work. The kinect has a camera and does not require you to do anything but stand in front of it and workout. It even ask you how your do (too easy or too hard) and you can answer it. Really cool!!! I am not sure about the GB, but I am sure 4 would be plenty.

BK said...

I hope you have a great first day back!