Monday, January 3, 2011

Busy, but Productive Day

Today was Nick’s last day of vacation, so we had to take full advantage. We had so many things to knock off of our to-do list!! We rode to Greenville and went to Havertys to find a sectional, bar stools, and dining room table. We were in the door right when they opened and were out in an hour! I always make quick decisions and never stress over the small things! I am really happy with our choices!!

The dining room table has two leafs and can sit 8 people, so we went ahead and got 8 chairs. I know I will be happy with this decision in the long run. The bar stools are the same color and fabric, but a little different style.


I am in LOVE with this COMFORTABLE sectional we found. The color we choose is Olive and has a slight greenish tint. It will also hide a lot of DIRT! I have already claimed the chaise part of the couch!


After lunch we stopped by Pier 1 and I found a tray for this ottoman I purchased at


We then headed to Yoders ( home improvement store in Fair Play, SC) and picked out logs for the gas fireplace. Come on SNOW!

Then we drove to Royston to meet with the cabinet makers to discuss cabinet colors and hardware. They will be ready by the end of next week!!

We also ordered faucets online. Toilets and vanity for the powder room were bought Sunday. Now we can breath!!!


Meg said...

Dang yall are good! Next time we build, I'm gonna let you be my contractor :)

Robyn Beele said...

It may have to be a long time from now! I am so tired of thinking about things and making decisions!!

Sarah said...

I LOVE that sectional! I will be definitely checking out Haverty's when we start looking!