Sunday, January 16, 2011

House Addition Progress

This may be picture overload, but I have been holding on to some of these pictures for a while. My camera cord decided to stop working but luckily I found another one hidden away.

Stairs are 85 percent complete. Just a little more paint and some touch ups. I am in LOVE with the handrail! It turned out so well! They are still lacking a clear coat on the rails.

DSC03183-2(rev 0)DSC03229-1(rev 1)DSC03230-1(rev 1)DSC03232(rev 1)

The Dining Room still needs one more coat of paint and the chandelier needs to be installed.

DSC03185-2(rev 0)DSC03187-2(rev 0)

Bedroom: Love the color! The can light, outlet covers, and fan have been installed.

DSC03190-2(rev 0)DSC03192-2(rev 0)

Bathroom: What a headache this room has been!! We have had to order tile 3 times!! We are lacking 1 piece! I do love it though!

DSC03193-2(rev 0)DSC03194-2(rev 0)DSC03195-2(rev 0)DSC03196-2(rev 0)DSC03197-2(rev 0)DSC03198-2(rev 0)DSC03247-1(rev 1)

All the hardware and most of the outlet covers are on. The rest will be finished on Monday!

DSC03202-1(rev 0)


Now on to the biggest change The Kitchen!! We got all the cabinets installed and it will be a few more weeks for the countertops. We LOVE them!! I can’t believe how much storage we will have!

We have 3 set of pull out drawers. We are planning on using them for pots and pans.

DSC03211(rev 0)

We have 2 double trashcan pull outs. We wanted 1 for trash and the other 3 for recyclables.

DSC03212-1(rev 0)DSC03213-1(rev 0)

This is the BIG island to sit 4!! I can’t wait to see the counter tops!

DSC03215-1(rev 0)

More upper cabinet pictures below.

Andrew is obsessed with sweeping lately!

DSC03219-1(rev 0)

Pocket door for the pantry. I am meeting with the shelving man Monday to decided on placement of shelves.

DSC03220(rev 0)DSC03221-1(rev 0)DSC03222(rev 0)

Andrew Loves running around!

DSC03223-1(rev 0)DSC03226(rev 0)

Duncan checking everything out.

DSC03231(rev 0)

Still waiting on bookshelves and mantel.

DSC03233(rev 1)


More Kitchen photos.

I love the way they are different heights!

DSC03234(rev 1)

We plan on putting a microwave in the corner.DSC03235-1(rev 1)


DSC03237-1(rev 1)

This vent hood has been giving everyone fits! Thanks to my brother-in-law I think we finally have it ready. It of course needs to be wired and the cover over the duct.

DSC03236-1(rev 1)

DSC03238-1(rev 0)

We have a 3 tier lazy Susan on top and 2 tier one on the bottom.

DSC03239-1(rev 0)

What to put in this glass shelves?

DSC03240-1(rev 0)

Cute little cabinet between the dishwasher and fridge. Perfect for sheet pans and cutting boards.

DSC03241-1(rev 0)

Ceiling fans and lights!

DSC03242-1(rev 1)DSC03243-1(rev 1)

1 more tile!!

DSC03248-1(rev 1)

We put dimmers on tons of lights. I am looking forward to this and it will help save electricity!

DSC03250-1(rev 1)

This is inside of the living room cabinets. All the wiring for the TV will be HIDDEN!

DSC03251-1(rev 1)

This is a sample of the counter tops. We had all intentions of picking out granite, but then we saw this! The material is quartz and is identical to granite, a little cheaper, harder than granite, and is easy to clean! I did not take a picture of the bathroom counter top but it similar, but without the dark spots.

DSC03252-1(rev 1)

Lots still to do!

DSC03253-1(rev 1)

This is the end of the tour! Whew!

DSC03256-1(rev 1)

P.S. I hate that the Falcons lost last night! Andrew said “Go FALCONS” all day and was so excited when they came on. Luckily he made it through the first touch down and then went to sleep. I should have done the same!

DSC03227(rev 1)DSC03228(rev 1)

Have a great week!! I am going to post WWW week 2 post tonight.

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BK said...

WOW! Everything looks so great! I LOVE the cabinets! Y'all are doing amazing with the renovations!