Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Slow Progress

I love the snow, but man it has slowed this house addition to a screeching halt!  Nothing has been done in days! We are also slowed down because we are waiting on a few more pieces of tile and one stair tread.  The cabinets should be installed any day now!  We are having a hard time getting to a place to look at granite.  They are not open on Saturdays and close by 5. We were hoping we could go today, but they are closed due to the ice. I really want to be in the house by Andrew’s birthday. I hope we make it!

I decide to take a few pictures. The last time I took pictures was at night and it was hard to tell the colors. This is more for my memory than anything!

Stairs leading to the existing house

DSC03183-1(rev 1)

Living Room: This is were two bookshelves will be placed.

DSC03184-1(rev 1) DSC03189-1(rev 1)

Dining Room: My favorite!

DSC03185-1(rev 1) 

French Doors off the Kitchen: Right now it has a small deck, but we hope to have enough money left to add on to it.

DSC03188-1(rev 1)

Bedroom: LOVE the color

 DSC03190-1(rev 1) DSC03192-1(rev 1)

This is the bedding I bought for our bed! It is from Pottery Barn and was only $99! We already have the insert for the duvet.


Bathroom: Tile in shower is grouted but still missing a few pieces.

DSC03193-1(rev 1) DSC03194-1(rev 1) DSC03195-1(rev 1) DSC03196-1(rev 1) DSC03197-1(rev 1) DSC03198-1(rev 1) DSC03200-1(rev 1)

Master Closet!: Shelving guys are coming next Monday to plan everything!

DSC03199(rev 1) 

Enjoy the snow! We are on day 2 of no school. That means no work for me!


BK said...

Looking great! Can't wait to see the bookshelves, I want them someday, I love books!

Meg said...

Love it!! Can't wait to see the closet! I'm obsessed with shelving these days. They've advanced so much!

Bryan - Kelda said...

WOW Robyn everything looks so wonderful, I know that you are so excited. We are actually doing a little addition to our house as well, not as much as you guys but man I am ready for it to be over with, good/bad thing about our addition is my husband is doing it, so he does it after work etc, nut it is saving us so much money :). Can't wait to see your end results.