Sunday, January 30, 2011

We are almost done!

The house addition will be done in a week or so!! We are so excited to have more space. We have lived in a very cramped space for 6 years and enough is enough. We are ready to raise our family and grow old here!

I tired of making decisions and picking out things! It sounds fun at first, but it gets old quick! I have loved coming home everyday and getting to see the progress. I am ready for all the workers to leave and for us to enjoy the fruits of their labors!

Here are a few pictures of the floors and CLEAN bathroom.

The floors are not cleaned, but you get the idea.

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This upcoming week we have countertops, shelving for pantry and closet, hooking up appliances, mounting all faucets, sofa, dining room table and chairs, end tables and console table are arriving and being picked up, and cleaning. We are planning on moving some things Friday night and all weekend!

Yesterday we bought the bulk of what was left to buy. We went to an unfinished wood furniture store and found two end tables and a console table for the living room. We also went to Lowes and picked out tile for the backsplash in the kitchen. That should be installed sometime this week. I also picked up art work from Hobby Lobby for the living, dining, bath, and bedrooms. I also got two beautiful lamps from there that I have being eyeing since Christmas.

So that is it! I have class two night this week and I am not happy about that. I am going to wait so long to see progress! I am also posting some cute pictures of Andrew and they will post tomorrow. Have a great week!!


BK said...

Can't wait to see everything when y'all are all settled! I've loved following everything through your great photo documentation! Everything is looking awesome!

Carrie said...

you got the lamps yeah :) I have been thinking about them lol

The Allens said...

Everything looks great!

Funny Guy and His Wife said...

Everything looks so great! I know you will enjoy the addition for many years to come.

Meg said...

Everything looks gorgeous!!!

Madison said...

It looks great! You are making lots of progress.