Sunday, January 23, 2011

Whirl Wind Weekend

Wow the weekend has flown by and was filled with so much fun! Friday we started a new tradition. We are forgoing our normal Friday night La Cabana. In turn we are going to have a rotation of going to each others houses. We went to Michael and Amy’s and had yummy pizza and brownies. We all got to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere where all the babies could cry or run around with no one giving us the “look.” I am loving the new plan!!

Saturday I did laundry and wrote a paper for class while Andrew was napping.  Then we were greeted by Nick’s dad’s side of the family. They came to see the progress on the house. We then went to his parents for BBQ. They were 5 boys from almost 2 (Andrew) all the way to 13. It was a blast! Andrew ran and laughed the entire time!! He thrives in a chaotic (house full of people) environment. He gave everyone a lot of laughs. He tuckered out as soon as we got home and slept till 6:30!! He is usually bright eyed and busy tailed at 5:30.

Sunday we went to Church. Andrew was just as excited as usual. We were joined by friends and babies. The best company! We then went home for lunch and Andrew went fast asleep for a long nap. Nick and I cleaned the garage and laundry room. He has been such a mess with the constant flow of workers. We woke Andrew (after he had been sleeping for over 3 hours!) and headed to Anderson. We stopped by Shoe Carnival and I finally bought some tennis shoes for Andrew and I. We then headed to Sam’s for a buggy FULL of stuff. Then we headed back to town and couldn’t pass up La Cabana. It may just become a Sunday night tradition for the three of us. We practically had the place to ourselves. We then went home for baths and getting ready for Monday. I have class tomorrow-UGH!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and I pray for NOOOO snow! I am over it and I do not want to make up anymore days of work!!


BK said...

Sounds like a great weekend! The new plan sounds like a good one, and it helps Amy keep her New Year goal ;-) I do not want snow either, it just causes so many issues!

Funny Guy and His Wife said...

We rotate houses with my family instead of eating out- you're right, its much more relaxing and much easier on the pocketbook!

Meg said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend!! I love the rotation idea! I know we get looks all the time, but I just can't care. I know they've been there, done that at some point in their life!