Sunday, January 16, 2011

WWW-Week 2

Weight Loss: –0 lbs Yeah that is a big FAT zero!!

Workouts: 4 Kinect Biggest Loser workouts-30 mins each

Diet: Breakfast: granola with yogurt and pancakes ( I blame Nick for making and freezing a TON) Lunch: Slim Fast with fruit, Snack: usually 100 calorie pack popcorn or fruit, Dinner: normal but less portions

This is almost true. The diet has definitely been thrown off with being home almost all week ,but I have done better the last several days.

Strengths: I can’t say I had any this week. I guess I just need to step it up this week and not look backwards!

Weaknesses: I could have eaten better and worked out at least 5 times

Goals for next week: Drink more water, eat better, and workout at least 5 days.

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The Allens said...

I am proud of you for doing this!