Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Andrew!

Two years ago today, I had the honor of giving birth to the precious little boy!  We have learned a lot together and had so much fun! He has blessed us with hours of laughter and joy. Our lives have definitely changed, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Andrew had a good doctor’s visit, but was not happy to see the doctor leave. As soon as the doctor walked out of the room he started crying and wanting to leave. It is amazing that he can remember that shots come next. They came and he cried, but was quickly over it. It only gets harder! I am so glad he doesn’t have to go back for another year.

We spent the rest of the day playing and enjoying one on one time together. Today was beautiful and around 75 degrees. What a perfect birthday!?

We went to La Cabana for supper with Nick, his mom, and grandmother. They even sang Happy Birthday and smeared whipped cream all over his face. He LOVED it! Nick took pictures on his phone, so I will have to post when I get them off.

We then went to Nick’s parents house to open presents. He got the cutest fire fighter rain coat, a big dump truck, shirt, little VTECH computer, and a wood table and chairs. He had the best time!! I everything was a huge hit!

While we were outside playing I snapped some cute pictures!


I got several ordered so I can frame them. He was actually smiling for the camera which is unusual these days!

Happy Birthday sweet boy!!!


Funny Guy and His Wife said...

Love the photos! Happy birthday Andrew!

Meg said...

I loved all the pics!! Hard to believe it's been two years!

BK said...

Happy birthday sweet boy! You snagged some great photos!!!

Kim & Ed said...

The pictures in the field are AWESOME!!