Saturday, March 5, 2011

Andrew 24 months

Well the fact that Andrew turned 2 Feb. 18th means I am a little behind!! Oh well that is life! After this month I only plan on updating maybe every other month. He is growing and I have to stop counting months eventually!

Weight/Height:  24lbs and 33 1/2 inches tall (25th percentile for both)

Clothes: just started wearing some 24 month and 2T, size 4 diapers, and size 6 shoe (starting to get small).

Food: He is drinking 2 Sippy cups of milk, one in the morning and one sometime during the day.   He also drinks at least 4 to 5 cups of juice mixed with water.  He is still very picky but beginning to have more of an appetite. Really recently started eating pizza!!

Motor Skills: He is very active! He loves running, “riding” his toys outside, and dancing!

Sleep: He is still sleeping great in his BIG BOY BED!! I still like to rock him to sleep, but he by no means needs me to. I enjoy and want to hang on to the routine for as long as possible.  He is still taking one nap a day and it is usually 2-3 hours long! He sleeps well for the babysitter, but not near as long. He loves his bed at home!- same as last month. He is a great sleeper!

Talking: He is constantly talking and saying new words. He can basically repeat anything I say, so it is hard to list new words. He is starting to put together 2 and 3 word phrases. New words: Computer, motorcycle, nope (we hear this quite often!), etc. He is really starting to say more and more phrases like: I want ____, I can’t ____, etc.

He can count to 13 usually and recognizes the letter S and O. He says other letters randomly. He also knows circle, star, square, and sometimes triangle. Colors are still hard.

Teeth: Same but is beginning to chew on his sleeves, so maybe 2 year molars are approaching!

Interest: Loves playing with cars, trains, tractors, and books. Still enjoys going on rides in the car, visiting grandparents, and being out and about.  He is beginning to have an interest for dinosaurs, which I think is so fun. He loves walking around outside and exploring!

Potty Training: He is still telling us every time he goes number 2 and sometimes before he goes pee pee. He is beginning to not like the wet feeling of the diaper and this has never bothered him before. I believe he is ready, but mommy is not ready!! I don’t want to start on a weekend and leave it up to his babysitter to deal with it during the week. I am really trying to hold off till this summer. –same as last month

Two years have flown by!! I can’t wait for all the new things that we are going to get to experience.


Jessica said...

Isn't the "two year age" so much fun! I giggle constantly at little Harbor and all his antics! I'm sure Harbor and Andrew would be the best of friends. : )

The Allens said...

Loved this post!

J said...

aww. he's so cute! Sounds so fun!!