Friday, March 18, 2011

Day off!!

Today is a workday for teacher’s, but we are furloughed today. So I am going to enjoy my day off!! I started this morning by finally getting my hair cut. It has been over a year since I have even had a trim. My sister has always cut my hair and now with her new job she doesn’t have the time. I have been looking for someone every since. I finally heard about someone and I am in love!! She did such a great job, was so easy to talk to, and her prices are wonderful!! I already scheduled another appointment for five weeks so I can keep up with the hair cut! I think I may cut the bangs a little shorter next time, but it feels so much better!

DSC04196(rev 1)DSC04219(rev 1)

Since Andrew was at the babysitter’s I headed to a local store to find Andrew some summer clothes. With the temperature in the 80’s today, I know we will be in for a hot summer! I found some great deals!

Below are some pictures of one day during the week. Andrew loves playing outside and that is what we do as soon as we get home in the afternoon. I think I may have a good tan this year or maybe just a farmer’s tan! HA!

DSC04152(rev 1)DSC04163(rev 1)DSC04164(rev 1)DSC04171(rev 1)DSC04173(rev 1)DSC04174(rev 1)

This is the only good picture I got of Andrew’s St.Patty’s day attire!

DSC04184(rev 1)

I hope everyone has a great weekend! It is going to be a beauty!

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Meg said...

I just LOVE your hair! She is really laid back and doesn't gossip like so many other salons.