Saturday, March 12, 2011

Easter Preview

I LOVE Easter! The weather is perfect, we get to dress up, enjoy great meals, children get to enjoy a fun day, and of course we get to celebrate Jesus! I already have Andrew’s outfit, if it is warm. We are planning on having the whole family over for food and and Easter egg hunt. I have a few decorations for Easter and did not put them out last year. We were so crowded that I just couldn’t imagine adding another thing to our space. Finally I can decorate for holidays again!! Check out the “new” d├ęcor!


Most of the items came for Hobby Lobby a few years ago. The big eggs in the basket were paper mache and I painted them. The sign was white and I added the polka dots. Here is the original post about painting everything.

I am off to enjoy the beautiful day and go to a baby shower!


Meg said...

LOVE the sign!! My polka dots would not turn out right. I said to myself, " I wonder if she got that at HL? I wonder if they have those this year, lol" So maybe you should do some painting on the side :)

Robyn Beele said...

I used a round sponge brush, so it was super easy!! I am sure they still have the same stuff!