Sunday, March 13, 2011

Saturday Fun!

It has been so nice this weekend!! The weather has been perfect and for once I didn’t have too much school work.

The morning started off with this cutie in his work overalls. Nick laid tile most of the morning and Andrew was ready to help! He decided to leave all the work behind and ride around in the tractor with his Pop.

DSC04104(rev 1)DSC04107(rev 1)

I hate I didn’t get any pictures of him in the tractor. Anyway I headed out to a baby shower while Andrew was napping. The shower was so cute and she got tons of cute girl things! It so makes me want another one!!

After I returned we headed out to a local park and enjoyed watching Andrew play. He has the climbing and sliding thing down!

I helped him the first time, but he quickly figured it out!

DSC04109(rev 1)

The views of the lake were beautiful!DSC04115(rev 1)DSC04116(rev 1)DSC04117(rev 1)DSC04121(rev 1)DSC04123(rev 1)DSC04126(rev 1)DSC04129(rev 1)DSC04131(rev 1)DSC04132(rev 1)DSC04135(rev 1)


He was very unhappy about leaving!!!

DSC04139(rev 1)

Today before church, Nick and I were making a grocery list and Andrew drew on some paper. It is so cute how much concentration he puts into it!

DSC04140(rev 1)DSC04142(rev 1)DSC04145(rev 1)

On a completely different note I am finally getting my hair cut!!! I have not even had a trim in over a year. I am doing anything too drastic, but I really like this cut. I hope it goes well. I am ready for cooler and hair that is not a tangled mess all of the time.


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Meg said...

Andrew is adorable as always and that's the EXACT picture I gave her. LOL!!! I said, I want a curly person version of this, without cutting any length. lol!! Too funny! Have a great time getting your hair done. It's one of my favorite things to do!!