Sunday, April 3, 2011

And the green grass grows all around, all around…

We have been hard at work trying to spruce up the yard. We spent most of Saturday planting all the plants that Nick’s parents gave us from their collection. We purchased 2 dogwood trees and few small plants.  The yard is looking great! We had to create two new flowers beds in front of the new part of the house. We also planted grass, so hopefully we will get a little rain! I am going to hold off on taking any pictures until we have mulch down. We did a lot when Andrew napped for 3 and half hours! When he woke up he was grateful to help out!

Up and ready to help! Notice the sticker? He keeps pulling stickers off of new chairs that we have bought and putting them on his shirt.


Daddy dug some holes while Andrew cut the grass.


Andrew helped plant some flowers….



and even raked the dirt….


and then REALLY needed a bath!


BK said...

You are so good about taking photos and they're always so cute! I'm itching to get outside, but I'm stuck inside studying!

Meg said...

Cute little boy he is! We planted some trees too recently. It always makes such a difference.

J said...

Oh, how cute! Such a big boy. awww!!