Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011 Part 2

We had a great Easter!! We started the day with Andrew getting his basket filled with a watch, Thomas the Train, and some candy.


We then headed to church for a great service. I am so glad Andrew LOVES going to church. I just know he will grow up and know God from a very early age!

Here is an attempt at a family shot.


This was on the way out the door. I just added this and Andrew thought it was so funny!


After church we got everything ready to have my family and Nick’s parents and grandmother over for Easter dinner and a egg hunt. We had a blast!


getting dressed

DSC04477 - CopyDSC04482 - Copy

The table for 10!

DSC04483 - CopyDSC04484 - Copy


Thanks Kim for the bubbles!

DSC04485 - Copy

DSC04488 - Copy


DSC04490 - Copy

Egg Hunt: Andrew was all about hunting eggs this time. He got a ton!

The cousins!

DSC04491 - Copy

DSC04498 - CopyDSC04504 - CopyDSC04507 - CopyDSC04508 - CopyDSC04509

We released the butterflies!


….and played!


We had a blast! Now back to the grind!


Amy said...

I LOVE the color of your dress. It looks sooooo good on you! You look beautiful. The style is very similar to the dress I had on. Mine was a purplish blue. Andrew looks like he had a great EASTER. I'm glad you guys got to have another egg hunt for him.

Robyn Beele said...

Thanks Amy! The dress was very comfortable!! Andrew got the idea of the egg hunt this time!

Carrie said...

We had so much fun!

Meg said...

Looks like everyone had a blast! Love your dress and your new layout.

J said...

That's a great family photo. Love the one of him playing with the door decor. lol. Glad y'all had a good Easter!

BK said...

All the photos are so good!!