Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friday Fun

Friday at school, we had cumulative review to prepare for the upcoming state test. I was responsible for coming up with a math game. With Easter coming up soon, I decided to go with that theme. I hid Easter eggs around the classroom that contained Math problems. They loved the game!!

Friday night we were back on schedule with our rotation and we went to Amy and Michael's house. The kids had so much fun hanging out together! Dylan and Andrew are now able to interact with each other and they are so cute together! I can’t wait for all 3 of them to be running around the house!

I actually remembered to take my camera this time!
DSC04393DSC04384DSC04385DSC04387DSC04390 - CopyDSC04391DSC04392

We now have the cocoons hanging up and we anxiously waiting for them to become butterflies!


Andrew watching the action!


My mom and I went this morning for a mani and pedi and it was so nice!! Like my mom said, we got all the barnacles off our feet! HA! We are off for some Saturday fun when Andrew decides to wake up!

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Carrie said...

thanks for the invite just kidding love the pictures! Don't forget about the recipe