Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Break Days 1-3

I hate to post without pictures, but oh well! I left my camera charger at my parents so I have been without a camera the last few days. I will make sure I pick it up tomorrow!

Monday: spent the morning outside with Andrew (even though it was pretty cold), cleaned, laundry, watched Black Swan during Andrew’s nap (LOVED this movie), and then headed to class.

Tuesday: spent most of the day inside playing with Andrew. That evening Nick and I watched Meet the Fockers. The movie was okay, but I really didn’t even lough out loud but a few times.

Wednesday: Took Duncan to the groomer and headed to lunch with Amy, Dylan, Kim, Claire, and Beth. Andrew was a little out of sorts because it was close to his nap time, but we had a great time. Andrew was fast asleep before we even got home. I was very lazy during nap time. Then we picked up Duncan from the groomers and played for awhile outside.

I hope everyone enjoyed this BORING post! Smile


Meg said...

lol, not boring at all! We need to have a play date this summer with everyone!

Rebekah said...

HAPPY SPRING BREAK! I love the pics of Andrew helping plant! They are such little helpers! Such a fun age!