Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What we have been up to! Randomness!

We have been having a great week! I am busy cramming every last morsel of knowledge into my students brains for the upcoming CRCT. I hate that it has so much emphasis put on it, but that is life. We do things we don’t like! Anyway we have also been enjoying the nice weather. It was almost 90 degrees on Monday and then we had a cooler day yesterday, but we are now at high 70’s …ahhh! Andrew has several favorite toys, but this '”tractor” is his recent favorite. He went outside to play and I caught him doing this.


He said he was “scooping up the dirt” and he did for a long time!

Check out his new shoes! So cute! The Thomas lights up when he walks. This was a surprise for him when we went to ATL over the weekend.


Have you seen this on TV? Nick’s mom gave this to Andrew and it has been so neat to watch. I wish I would have taken pictures when they were caterpillars. Now they are in their chrysalis. More pictures to come!


I will end with the 2 partners in crime!! HA!


Be on the lookout for my new blog look!!


Carrie said...

they do look like they are up to something lol :)

Amy said...

I do the butterfly thing with my class every spring. It is soooo cool.

Kim and Ed said...

I did the butterfly thing a lot growing up, but not in a fancy container like that. I took my mom's tupperware and punched holes in it. Oops! I can't wait to see the new blog look!

J said...

Our niece has collected SO many caterpillars, and now they are all cocooned....however that's spelled. lol.

& Andrew and Duncan definitely have that sneaky look. haha!