Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Product Review:

This past Sunday we decided to cook something quick and easy. We bought this because it was on sale and looked decent. I was very skeptical when all the small bags and packages came out of the box…..

It was DELICIOUS!!! and very easy!


It cooked very quickly and all you have to add is chicken.


I would highly recommend this for when you are in a pinch! It is only enough for two people, so it was perfect for us!


What is your favorite and quick and easy go to meal?


BK said...

We love all of their box meal kits and eat them all the time! Fast and easy and yummy!

Meg said...

Wow, so glad to hear it. They always sound good but I've never tried them. Now I'll have to keep some on stock for those in a pinch moments! I love to keep tortillas on hand to make a quick quesadilla (veggie or whatever I have, even if it's just turkey & cheese) or panini. And even macaroni noodles to make a quick salad with

A Wedding Story said...

That looks quick and yummy! Thanks for sharing!