Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Sweetness


Don’t you just love Saturday’s? For the most part, it is a day that you can finally slow down. A day where you don’t have a never ending to-do list. A day where you can BREATH!

I don’t mind working around the house because I am ultimately benefiting from the rewards. This morning have managed to cut dead rose buds, clean dog poo off of little shoes, cleaned up after a full spilled class of diet coke, cleaned all the stainless steel (no one told me how dirty that stuff gets!), windows, mirrors, and toilets. I have cleaned every dust bunny, and now I am watching my sweet baby watch Toy Story 3 and gently fall into a long NAP!

Speaking of TS3, Andrew LOVES the movie and has memorized several parts. I have to admit that I don’t mind watching it one bit!

Monday I start my Capstone class which consist of writing a 20 something page paper about all of my self discoveries I have made in this Master’s program. Not only do we have to write a lengthy paper, but we have to talk about ourselves to a panel of judges, and fellow classmates, for at least 10 mins. DREAD!!! Anyway….I am going to enjoy this last weekend of doing nothing. I hope you do the same!


Meg said...

OMG I suck at presentations. My nerves can't handle it!! I'm with you, enjoying the relaxing, slow day!!

BK said...

I'm trying to enjoy my last weekend off for a while too! Here's to time in the sunshine and no thoughts of school for one more day!

J said...

oh geeze. I HATED capstone, but once you start talking ten minutes will go by quickly.

Try to ignore it and enjoy your weekend. Sounds like it's been productive so far!