Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend Update

We had a pretty low key weekend, but still managed to do a lot of things. We had a Friday night supper at Kim and Ed’s and it was great as always. The weather was perfect and we all enjoyed eating a visiting outside.

Saturday I got a haircut (shorter!) and then came back home to clean and do some laundry. When Andrew finally woke from his 3 hour nap we headed to Anderson. I have really been wanting to find some things to help decorate the house with, but I didn’t have much luck. We did buy a few more plants at Lowes. We then met my mom and dad at Outback for my dad’s birthday. The food was great as always! We then headed home and played outside till it dark.

Sunday we decided to hang around the house. I am so glad we did because we all needed some chilling out time.

These were taken in the last week.


Have a great week!

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Meg said...

Don't you just love the two year old messes? :) Can't wait to see pics of the haircut! Cash took a few 3 hour naps this weekend too!!! I was getting freaked out.