Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fireworks and Projects

Last Saturday we went to the annual Pre-4th fireworks show. We had a lot of fun even though it was So hot! Andrew did this the WHOLE time…DSC05202(rev 1)

Nick got him to settle down right before the fireworks by pulling out the phone with pictures of tractors. Works every time!

DSC05203(rev 1)

Andrew loved the fireworks! We are so glad we got to spend the time with my parents also!

Today was my first official day that I did not have to worry about any schools things because I am officially DONE!! I will graduate in a few weeks, but classes are over! I will get a few free weeks before I begin working in my classroom. I spent yesterday doing something I enjoy-decorating!!

Andrew always takes a 3 hour nap, so I had plenty of time!  I remember a box of things I had when I taught Kindergarten Special Education. I brought it all home because it is not very useful with 5th graders! HA! Anyway it had been several years since I have looked in it, but I am so glad I did. I found probably 15 puzzles, which Andrew is really into right now! I also found TONS of books and posters. SCORE!

I have seen pictures on the web of playrooms with alphabet cards/posters and thought the idea was so cute. Well guess what I found? Alphabet Cards!! The ceilings are so tall in the room, so the size worked perfectly. I did NO measuring! I got really lucky that they fit exactly right!

DSC05224(rev 1)

As you can see I have moved around a few things since my last post.

DSC05225(rev 1)

The brown rug came from Andrew’s room. We needed something soft to sit on. I plan on getting larger rug when I can find something at a decent price. I also moved the art table out some to make room for this…

DSC05226(rev 1)DSC05227(rev 1)

The hats are currently hung on thumb tacks until I find some hooks. We have some,but I can’t seem to find them. The picture frame is from The Dollar Tree and I just printed the words in the computer.

DSC05233(rev 1)

The other side of the window has a Gingerbread Man and Little Red Riding Hood poster that were also found in the box of goodness! Another picture frame is underneath.

DSC05229(rev 1)

I also used an old candle holder thing to hold Andrew’s art supplies in. I plan on covering the cans with scrapbook paper.

DSC05234(rev 1)

Andrew has been really into painting lately!

DSC05235(rev 1)DSC05236(rev 1)

I also put a new use to seomthing else I already had. These are old plant holders that go on railings. We were not using them anymore because the straw stuff was old and did not soak up water anymore. Anyway I figured they would do a better job to hold things in the playroom. My sweet husband used a Drimmel (sp.?) tool to cut off the things sticking out that hold the screws.

DSC05205(rev 1)DSC05219(rev 1)

I sprayed painted them white and now they are great for holding coloring books and books!

DSC05230(rev 1)DSC05231(rev 1)

One last project was borrowed from Jessica’s blog.  This was SO simple and I am already thinking of how to use these in other places. The “flowers” are coffee filters! This was so genius and look so real!! Love it! Check out her blog to see the details. It literally took 5 mins.!

 DSC05221(rev 1)DSC05222(rev 1)DSC05223(rev 1)

Sorry so long! Have a great day!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Days

Well I haven’t blogged in awhile b/c we have been busy!  I have been working on final assignments and presentation. Andrew has also been keeping me super busy! I did manage to check one thing off the to do list-Pantry cleanup! We love our new big pantry,but it can get disorganized quickly. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t the best.


DSC05151(rev 0)DSC05152(rev 0)DSC05153(rev 0)DSC05154(rev 0)DSC05155(rev 0)

The candy basket has been growing and growing! I throughout a lot and put the rest in a bag to take to school for my treat box.

DSC05156(rev 0)


I had the GENIUS idea of hanging all our bags in this dead space on the wall! LOVE IT!

DSC05157(rev 0)

I plan on getting some decorative hooks, but this will work for the time being.

DSC05158(rev 0)

This opened up these shelves!!

DSC05159(rev 0)

I LOVE the baskets, which I had before, but now they are sorted into groups.

DSC05160(rev 0)

Cleaning products and cookbooks

DSC05161(rev 0)

More space!

DSC05162(rev 0)

I moved Duncan’s bowls so that it wasn’t the first thing you see.

DSC05163(rev 0)

Much better!

Yesterday we took Andrew for his first MOVIE!! We were all so excited!! The whole process is a long story, but it was memorable. LOL!

Before we left:
DSC05164(rev 1)DSC05165(rev 1)

On the way…How I regret giving him this juice!

DSC05171(rev 1)

We arrived a little early and we decided to stop by the ATM, so Nick could deposit his check. As soon as we left the bank it started pouring and storming! There were no close parking spots, so we had to walk in the down pour! I was SOAKED! I even had an umbrella, but my pants were drenched from the knees down. We made it in and much to our surprise Andrew got in for FREE! I had no clue! A woman proceeded to scream very loud as soon as we walked in the door b/c it thundered very loud. Andrew looked at her like she was crazy for being so scared. We stopped for popcorn and drinks. As we handed our tickets over I noticed booster seats! GENIUS! We grabbed one up and headed in. Andrew’s eyes were lit up with excitement! The theater was packed and the previews quickly began. I only got 1 picture! So sad!

DSC05174(rev 1)

After the previews they played a Toy Story short film. As I have said before, Andrew is Toy Story’s biggest fan! He kept looking at me and smiling! 3/4of the way through Cars 2 Andrew wanted to sit in my lap. I figured he was getting tired. Let me back up…Andrew had a sippy cup full of half juice half water on the way and then a BIG cup in the theater. I didn’t even realize he drank that much until it was TOO late. In my lap I noticed a very warm feeling. He had leaked through his diaper on me! I sat him back in his seat b/c I knew the movie was almost over. He sat for a little while and then got back up and stood in the aisle with his hands over his eyes. Oh no! He always hides behind something when he goes number 2 and there was nothing to hide behind. I suddenly smelled it and realized this was no ordinary stinky diaper. We ended leaving a few mins. early b/c it was leaking out of his diaper. We changed him into new clothes in the car and headed home. Never a dull moment! Sorry so long, but I want to remember this memorable day! HA!

Overall we had a great time and Andrew keeps talking about the movie. I will remember next time to bring water only! Whenever he drinks too much juice it upsets his stomach. I should have known better!

Anyway, today we played outside while Nick was cutting grass.

DSC05179(rev 1)DSC05180(rev 1)DSC05182(rev 1)DSC05183(rev 1)DSC05185(rev 1)DSC05186(rev 1)DSC05189(rev 1)DSC05191(rev 1)

We came in and put Andrew down for a nap and enjoyed a quiet lunch. Then it was on to clean up the garage for the upcoming 4th of July Cookout!

Eating healthy has not gone so well this past week! Today I am right on track!

Breakfast: 100 calorie English Muffin with thin layer of crunchy PB and almond granola with a side of grapes.

DSC05175(rev 1)

Lunch was a ham and cheese sandwich, handful of wheat thins, and an orange.

We are going to enjoy sometime at home and then head to the pre-fourth fireworks with my parents! Have a good one!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Time to Celebrate!

2 more classes and I DONE with my Master’s!!! I am so happy! I am ready for this phase of my life to be OVER with!! I have my HUGE presentation next Monday, so say a pray around 10am!

On to more interesting things… I have put out a few 4th of July decorations. I haven’t put them out in 2 years b/c I just felt like I was cramping an already small space.

DSC05047(rev 0)DSC05048(rev 0)DSC05049(rev 0)DSC05050(rev 0)DSC05051(rev 0)DSC05052(rev 0)DSC05053(rev 0)


I made all these decorations several years ago and I think I need to make more!

We had a great weekend! We hosted Friday night Supper and enjoyed pizza and salad. It was just too hot to cook!

DSC05054(rev 1)DSC05055(rev 1)

We spent Saturday around the house and played with Andrew’s new swimming pool!

DSC05065(rev 1)DSC05070(rev 1)DSC05071(rev 1)DSC05093(rev 1)

The third picture is him saying “It’s COLD!” It got very overcast and windy just as we were getting into the pool. Maybe next time it will be warm!

Have a great day!