Monday, June 6, 2011

Andrew’s Room

One more post for the day…Technically Andrew’s room is not new. It is actually very much the same. However, I completed a little project yesterday and I want to show it off! What better reason?

I have looking for a colorful nightstand for Andrew’s bed for awhile. I liked this:

I didn’t want to spend $200, so I did  what any good decorator would do. I shopped my house!


Since changing bathrooms and giving Andrew our old one, I had no need for this old (dirty) dressing table.

DSC00422(rev 1)

So, I took the mirror off and painted it Oxford Blue. LOVE IT!!! I can see it being used as a desk in the future…

DSC04885(rev 1)DSC04886(rev 0)DSC04887(rev 1)DSC04888(rev 1)DSC04890(rev 1)

Andrew’s best pals, Llama and Oscar the Otter. He has to have them every night before going to bed!

DSC04891(rev 1)DSC04892(rev 1)DSC04893(rev 0)DSC04894(rev 0)DSC04895(rev 0)

Andrew’s room is very empty these days. All of his toys are in his playroom, so his room doesn’t get much use other than sleep. I am sure that will change in the future. I remember when it had this:DSC01926(rev 0)DSC01126(rev 1)

His last time using the changing table…

DSC01973(rev 1)

and his first day in his big boy bed…He looks SO small! I am going to CRY!

DSC02248(rev 0)

He is really enjoying his playroom (old living room) and is getting a lot of use from the table I redid!

He is becoming so interested in coloring, with much concentration nonetheless!

DSC04878(rev 1)DSC04879(rev 1)

He is really starting to try to color the pictures instead of just scribbling. He also loves drawing circles!

DSC04881(rev 1)

Perfect form! Makes a teacher proud!

DSC04882(rev 1)

By the way, I have still been trying to eat healthy. This is my new go to summer snack! Peaches with vanilla yogurt!

DSC04883(rev 1)

Living with a man that can eat the house and not gain on ounce is annoying! I don’t want to change what he is eating, so I am learning to adapt. He cooked bratwurst last night, so cute mine down the middle and cut the calories in half! From 270 to 135 (plus bun!). I really didn’t miss anything! I filled it with onions and a BIG side salad. YUMOO!

DSC04884(rev 1)

Moment of Happiness: I finished parts 1-4 of my Capstone!! YAY! Class tomorrow, BOO!


Meg said...

I love seeing pics, even if I've been there before. :) Andrew is so cute coloring and concentrating!! We tried the potty a couple of times but it freaked C out, so we quit. And I swear those things aren't made for boys!!
Love your bedroom and bathroom, it's so peaceful and serene!

Robyn Beele said...

Meg, I thought the same thing about the potty. They are NOT made for boys. I think we might try a stool and use the normal toilet.

Jessica said...

What a fun paint project, Robyn! Isn't spray paint the best? : )

Robyn Beele said...

Yes Jessica it is!!! I have been using it a ton! I love instant gratification!!