Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dining Room Tour/Anniversary

Well I did not get to the Dining room tour yesterday because I was celebrating 6 years with this cutie!

andrew daddyandrew daddy1DSC01628(rev 1)DSC02970(rev 1)DSC03228(rev 1)DSC04135(rev 1)

I love him for the wonderful husband that he is, but even more for being an amazing dad! He is always so loving to Andrew and I just couldn’t ask for a better partner in life!

We celebrated by going to see X-Men (how romantic!) and out to eat. We enjoyed getting time to chat, even though they were often about Andrew! The day was wonderful! Thank you mom for watching for Andrew!

Now on to the tour of my FAVORITE room! This room is also the most “done” room. The only thing I might want to do is get some light airy curtains, but nothing to cover the view!

The lighting is terrible in all the pictures. It was a dreary afternoon!

DSC04805-1(rev 1)

This piece was a sofa table from the old living room furniture.

DSC04806-1(rev 1)

Pictures and frames from Hob Lob…

DSC04807-1(rev 1)

I love all the windows!

DSC04808-1(rev 1)

LOVE LOVE the molding! I wish this was throughout the house!

DSC04809-1(rev 1)

View of our big tree!

DSC04810-1(rev 1)

This light is also from CSN website.

DSC04811-1(rev 1)

The healthy food is still rocking! I had this for lunch Friday.

DSC04852(rev 0)DSC04853(rev 0)

Saturday Nick and I made a yummy salad using the same chicken plus cucumber, carrots, and more pepper jack cheese. We splurged and had Mexican for supper! YUM!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Next on the tour in the Powder room, Master Bedroom, and Bathroom!

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