Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fun in the Sun/LOTS of Pics

So what do you do when it is so dang hot?

Play in a $2 sprinkler of course!

DSC04742(rev 1)DSC04750(rev 1)DSC04755(rev 1)DSC04761(rev 1)DSC04765(rev 1)DSC04776(rev 1)DSC04777(rev 1)

Oh…he MELTS my heart!!!

Going into a completely different, but still sizzling, subject…I have been reading these blogs lately: Dashing Dish and Peanut Butter Fingers (thanks Meg for the link). These too lovely ladies talk mostly about healthy eating and exercise. They often show what they have eaten for the day. I thought this idea was genius! I think I would make better and healthier choices if I new people would later have to see it! LOL! I hope others join in, so I can get more healthy meal ideas!!

So, what was for lunch?

Well let me start by saying that I not a big salad person, but with it being so hot I needed something refreshing! This salad consist of Spring Mix lettuce (thanks to Sam’s VERY cheap price), 1 slice of pepper jack cheese (50 cal.), 1 slice of ham (maybe 50 cal.), and balsamic dressing (70 cal.). It was actually super tasty and so low in calories! As I wrote a painstaking paper, I snacked on the orange slices. In my need to drink more water, I spiced it up with a lemon slice! I am so daring!! HA!

DSC04784(rev 1)DSC04785(rev 1)

Stay tuned to a house tour tomorrow…. FINALLY!


Meg said...

Look at you being all healthy! I buy fruit and let it rot in my fridge. lmbo!!! I've got to do better. But hey, at least I buy it?! That's a step in the right direction. Thanks for the link to DD, lurked on it a while last night, love it!

Love the pic of him holding up his hand like "hey mom, I'm cool, what's up?" lol

Meg said...

Oh and here's another (recipe) site I've been checking out..

Carrie said...

Hey Robyn there is a book called Hungry Girl 200 recipes under 200 calories a girl I work with said that its a great cookbook I also think she has a website

cute pictures of course I need to come join him lol

Robyn Beele said...

Carrie I have her first cook book, but didn't really use it. I like her website more.
Meg, I will have to check out that site. Thanks!