Friday, June 3, 2011

Kitchen/Pantry Tour

I decided to do this tour because I suddenly realized that I showed so many pictures of the progress, but not the final product. So here it is!

Side note: we still have a lot of little projects to complete.

As you enter from the living room..

DSC04788(rev 1)


There is a big empty, blank wall behind me that I am struggling with. We are thinking next year we might have the cabinet makers make us a buffet or something.

DSC04789(rev 1)

Full Kitchen view…

DSC04790(rev 1)

We love our long island…there is so much work space. We are also loving the color of the cabinets. I know white cabinets are all the buzz right now. We had them before and they also looked dirty. I still think they are beautiful, but I am digging wood!

DSC04791(rev 1)

See the empty wall?

This light came from CSN website. They had a million lights to choose from and very reasonable.

DSC04792(rev 1)

Nick’s pride and joy!! I have to admit that I love it too! All the appliances are Kitchen Aid.

DSC04794(rev 1)

Remember that white planter box? I am loving it as a home for my soaps. The faucet is Delta touch…and takes some getting used to, but again I am in love!

DSC04795(rev 1)

Two of my sweet students gave me the flowers and money tree on the last day of school. I hope the money tree starts producing!

DSC04798(rev 0)

Bar stools are from Havertys…

DSC04799(rev 1)

Now on to the Pantry…

We originally had a small long cabinet for food. It was always packed. I am digging this new one! It is semi-organized, but it on my list for summer projects.

DSC04800(rev 1)

I am glad I thought of putting an outlet on the floor for my Swiffer.

DSC04801(rev 0)DSC04802(rev 0)DSC04803(rev 0)

I love this space for purses and diaper bags. Nick’s home as at the top. Can you tell I am a little obsessed with 31 products?

DSC04804(rev 0)

That is the end of this tour! Tomorrow I will feature my FAVORITE room…The dining room!

So what have I been eating?

Yesterday I left off with lunch.

I enjoyed almonds and string cheese for a mid-afternoon snack…and so did Andrew.

DSC04787(rev 1)DSC04786(rev 1)

For supper we had left over BBQ ribs, corn, and veggies. YUMO!

DSC04846(rev 1)

This morning I ate this 190 calorie beauty! 1 slice of whole wheat toast, 1 egg, and pepper jack cheese…plus a handful of blueberries!

DSC04850(rev 1)

This got me energized for my walk with Amy this morning. Here is Andrew read to go…he was SOO excited!

DSC04851(rev 1)

So what is for lunch? Hmmm….


Funny Guy and His Wife said...

I love your kitchen! It all looks just perfect!

Robyn Beele said...

Thanks Kim! We are enjoying it!

Meg said...

Yes the kitchen is gorgeous and I love the pantry!! Love the idea of putting bags in there. Mine always end up on the counters or floor, which I hate!! You eat so healthy!! I'm trying :)

BK said...

I love the kitchen and the color of the cabinets!! Y'all did such a wonderful job!

Kim and Ed said...

I love your kitchen and dining room! The cabinets and countertops in the kitchen are just like what I would day!