Monday, June 13, 2011

Living Room/Stairway Tour

Before the tour, let’s talk food! I have to admit that I did not stick to a healthy eating plan this weekend. Weekends are the hardest for me. Today I started with a blank slate. So what have I eaten so far…

Breakfast: I ate this at 6:30am, so I knew I need something that would tie me over for awhile. This is a 110 calorie bagel, one egg, one slice pepper jack cheese, and blueberries.


Snack/Lunch: I had class today, so I need food that was easy to eat on the go. I ate the apple on the way to class at about 9am. I ate the Nutri-grain bar during class at around 12 and the almonds on the way home around 1:30. When I got home I switched out the banana for a cheese stick. I have also had 4 large glasses of water.


I am not sure what it for supper, but I am going to make sure it is filled with veggies. I need detox from this weekend!

On to the TOUR!

This is the living room and the room that needs the most decorating. I LOVE the fireplace and built-ins.

DSC04966 - CopyDSC04967 - CopyDSC04968 - CopyDSC04969 - CopyDSC04970 - CopyDSC04971 - Copy

I have been trying to find ways to fill this huge blank wall and I finally completed the project this weekend.  I printed the flower/plant pictures off the computer, so it was super simple and CHEAP! I have since decided that I need to add two more pictures to cover the wall more.

DSC04972 - CopyDSC04973DSC04974DSC04975DSC04976DSC04977

I also hung up some pictures that I already had to the stairway. I also plan on adding more pictures over time.


Well that is the end of the new house tour. We are still working on upstairs play/living room and office area. Eventually we will be done! I am off to relax a little!!

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BK said...

Everything looks so good!