Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mental Overload

I had class today and it was loaded with more and more assignments to be complete in 3 short weeks. I have to look on the bright side and remember this is my LAST semester!!! I am so excited to move on with another phase of life.

No more desk that looks like this!


Anyway let’s talk food….

This is what I packed for lunch today.

Turkey on whole wheat bread, orange, and vanilla yogurt with almond granola.


For supper I wanted something savory. So this is what I whipped up…

I used Tilapia, apples, butter, brown sugar, and walnuts.


I sprinkled brown sugar and walnuts on top.


I then put apples and dollops of butter (not pictured).


The after was very yummy! I ended up taking it out when it was close to being done and drizzled some honey on top! I then put it on broil for a few mins.


After class, I worked on some papers and then picked up this cutie! We headed out into the HOT sun and played!

Of course a juice break had to happen at some point!


I am getting really good at drawing “tractors!” HA!


Yesterday we spent some time looking at bugs! Oh the joys of having a boy!


We have recently started back on Netflix. They have TONS of cartoons that can be streamed instantly on Nick’s X-Box. I also discovered that they have work out movies!! I did this today and LOVE it!


Maybe I actually won’t get bored with working out! Maybe!!

What workout DVD’s do you like?


Funny Guy and His Wife said...

I swear your pics of Andrew just keep getting cuter!

I can't do workout DVD's- just no motiviation I guess? I have to make myself have human interaction in order to hold me accountable. If that makes any sense at all...

Robyn Beele said...

Kim it does...I would much rather be at a gym. Having a little one prevents me from doing that. On a normal work week I just can''t pick him up from the sitters and then drop him off to be watched by someone at the gym. Maybe one day!

Meg said...

I just looked at that fold out chair today. It was really nice for the price!!! I wish we would've bought an xbox. J decided on paint for his jeep instead, ha! That workout looks like fun.