Friday, June 17, 2011

A new friend

As I have said before, Andrew is obsessed with Toy Story! We watches the third installment at least once a day. He is actually hasn’t even seen the first two. Anyway, my nephew has a Woody doll and Andrew loves playing with it every time they are together. I knew I had to splurge and go buy him one. I am so glad I did!

Look at these two! Guess what he is watching? Toy Story 3! I remember having toys that I remember to this day. I am sure this will be one for him. He goes everywhere with Andrew and is even in the bed at night alongside Oscar the Otter and Llama. Of course he had to go with us to the Hartwell Dam the other day, and of course his hat fell off  ten times! Smile

DSC04986(rev 1)DSC04987(rev 1)

Andrew and I have really been enjoying the cooler temps in the evenings.

DSC04917(rev 1)

He some how always manages to get soaking wet!

DSC04995(rev 1)DSC04996(rev 1)

We are slowly getting the mulch out to all the flower beds. All 5 of them!

DSC04998(rev 1)DSC04999(rev 1)

Andrew is getting really good at recognizing letters. He now knows S, O, X, R, B, P, A and a few others sometimes. Most of our learning takes place here!

DSC05005(rev 1)DSC05009(rev 1)DSC05011(rev 1)DSC05012(rev 1)DSC05013(rev 1)DSC05016(rev 1)

I am still “trying” to eat better…I whipped this up for lunch the other day.

100 calorie English Muffin

Pizza Sauce



Light Dressing

DSC05017(rev 1)

It was delish!

Guess what came in the mail?

DSC05042(rev 0)


DSC05043(rev 0)

I got ALL this from Bath and Body Works for under $40. They are having a huge sale!

DSC05044(rev 0)

Question of the Day: What was your favorite toy as a child?

Mine was a doll house!


Meg said...

OMG that is TOO freaking cute!! Cash watched part of it the other day. I'm thinking of taking him to see the new Cars when it comes out, on $5 Tuesday of course :)

I think my favorite toy was a special doll my grandmother gave me. She had pink curly hair and always reminded me of my grandmother. I slept with her until I moved out :)

Robyn Beele said...

Meg, we are planning on taking Andrew to see Cars also, but everything that I see only shows it in 3D.

Carrie said...

Oh Noah loved Toy Story his imagery friend was woody my favorite was my dollhouse I think you know me and decorating :)