Monday, June 6, 2011

Powder Room, Master Bedroom and Bath

On with the tour!

* Before we move…I want to apo0logize for those reading that have seen the new house many times. Boring! I know! However, I LOVE seeing people’s homes and I know I am not alone! Anyway, I also thought this would be great to look back and see how our home changes over the years. It might even get me motivated on some projects!

Powder Room: This room is located off of the living room and gets a lot of use. Notice the potty? It is making me NERVOUS!! I trying to get Andrew used to see it. If anyone has any potty training tips please let me know. I am anxious and nervous about starting!

DSC04812-1(rev 1)

These lights were so hard to find! Not in love,but they will do!

DSC04813-1(rev 1)

There is that pretty picture!

DSC04814-1(rev 1)

DSC04815-1(rev 1)

This is the hallway off the living room that leads to the Master bedroom and bath. That door on the left leads to the PR. I REALLY want some sort of bench here…maybe one day!

DSC04816-1(rev 1)

Master Bedroom: I LOVE the dining room, but this is definitely another favorite. Before we had this… At the time it was what I wanted, but I went on to HATE the dark colors. I need light and bright!DSC00426(rev 1)DSC00427(rev 1)

Now I am in LOVE with the lightness of this room. It is not a huge room, but feels so airy.

DSC04817-1(rev 1)DSC04820-1(rev 1)DSC04821-1(rev 1)DSC04823-1(rev 1)DSC04824-1(rev 1)DSC04825-1(rev 1)

We still need to get window treatments,but I just love the way the windows look right now. If we ever get to sleep past sunrise, maybe we will invest! LOL!

Master Bath: the colors are two shades darker than the bedroom. Again this room is bright and airy! See a theme?

DSC04826-1(rev 1)

LOVE the his and her shower!

DSC04827-1(rev 1)

Calgon take me away!

DSC04831-1(rev 1)DSC04832-1(rev 1)DSC04834-1(rev 1)

Now to the closet! I honestly don’t feel like we have more room than we did before,but it is in the bathroom which is convenient.

DSC04835-1(rev 1)

DSC04837-1(rev 1)DSC04838-1(rev 0)DSC04839-1(rev 0)DSC04840-1(rev 0)

Hope you enjoyed! I am going to go ahead and post Andrew’s room because I finished a project!

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