Thursday, June 16, 2011

Projects Galore!

I have been working on sooo many fun projects around the house! I LOVE finding new purposes for things I don’t care for anymore.  The old living/dining/kitchen area upstairs is slowly being converted to a living/playroom/office area. The playroom part is going well and very near complete. The living room is well…livable! The office is in desperate need!!

Playroom Projects:

The area has been such a mess lately! I have been working on school stuff so much and the area needed HELP! Honestly it is still not clean, but better!


DSC05018(rev 1)DSC05019(rev 1)DSC05020(rev 1)


Notice the white bookshelf? It came out of a closet that stored cleaning products. They will be moved to the new pantry. While I was moving things around, I noticed Andrew playing/reading in this new NOOK! I was INSPIRED!!

DSC05021(rev 1)

For the time being, I placed a thick blanket and boppy. He LOVES the space! Now this nook needed some art work..right?

DSC05022(rev 1)


Ta-Dah! I used old frames, scrapbook paper, and HOB LOB wooded vehicles (left over from b-day party). So cute!DSC05023(rev 1)DSC05024(rev 1)DSC05025(rev 1)DSC05026(rev 1)

I also did these two frames…

DSC05027(rev 0)DSC05028(rev 0)

I pulled these frames out of the closet from b-day number 1.

DSC05029(rev 1)DSC05030(rev 0)

So much better! I can see that I will continually being adding to and changing this area. It is so fun to decorate areas for children!

The office area is in need of carpentry work (honey do list!) However, I did add some art work for the blank walls.

I had this old picture-what was I thinking? Not my taste anymore!

DSC05031(rev 0)

There is NO way I paid $40 for this! Anyway, I pulled off the paper…

DSC05032(rev 0)

Removed the back and old picture…

DSC05033(rev 0)

Added the new (print off from a blog)…

DSC05034(rev 0)

Added scrapbook paper…DSC05035(rev 0)

Whola! I think I may spray paint the mat since it is a weird off white color… The memo board was on clearance at HOB LOB…

DSC05040(rev 0)

I added a dry erase calendar (with project list) and a old shelf. Notice the missing countertop? Notice the space in between the cabinets? We, meaning Nick, is going to cut a piece of wood and place low enough to use for a computer. He is also going to place the countertop back on…one day!

DSC05038(rev 0)DSC05041(rev 0)

Finally I came up with a brilliant idea! I used to have a metal plate holder in the old kitchen. I did not use it in the new kitchen because it didn’t really fit the décor in that room.

DSC05036(rev 0)

I decided to turn it into a magazine rack!! I am going to buy several more I think!

DSC05037(rev 0)

I am so happy with the way things are turning out! However, there are so many more projects to complete!


Meg said...

Um please come to my house and do the same thing! You have some great ideas!! Where did the black open shelf thing come from? I like it's "personality." Love the nook, such a cute little boy thing ;) They love to get in tiny spaces! Especially love the calendar ;)

Angel Love said...

Please tell me how you have extra time for super cool decorating with all of the school projects that are due!! Very cute!


Kim and Ed said...

You totally rock at this! I love the new nook area for Andrew. I remember loving little spaces like that as a kid. You are so creative!

Robyn Beele said...

Meg, the black shelf was made by someone that Nick's brother works with Indiana. It is very unique! We are going to paint it white (I think!).

Tracy, I do most of them while Andrew is playing upstairs. None of them were time consuming. I do things quickly!

Thanks everyone!!

J said...

I love all the decorating! I've got to do something around our house. It's so bare! You've given me some inspiration to do something about it. :-) I love the plate holder as a mag rack. I might do that in my bathroom. lol! Andrew is so cute finding that little spot to read!