Sunday, July 31, 2011

2 Meat Pizza Casserole and Saturday Fun

We had a great Saturday. Nick and I managed to get the whole house clean and all the sheets, towels, and clothes washed. Work starts back tomorrow, so I want to make sure everything is caught up.

We stayed true to our menu list and made 3 2 Meat Pizza Casserole and Olive Garden salad dressing. The casserole was YUMMY!!! It was fairly quick and easy to make. I wouldn’t make it during the week,but it was great for a weekend meal. The salad dressing did not taste anything like Olive Garden, but it was still very good.

We ended up with a ton of leftover. We are having some for during the week and then we are going to freeze the rest.

DSC05479(rev 1)DSC05480(rev 1)

Mr. Picky even ate some and loved it!

DSC05482(rev 1)

We spent the remainder and cooler part of the day outside. I did a mini photo shoot of my sweet boy and a few critters along the way!

“Andrew can I take your picture?”

“No Mama…”

DSC05468(rev 1)


“Okay Mama. Cheese!”

DSC05469(rev 1)

“Will you sit on the bench?”

“I want to sit on the rock!”

DSC05470(rev 1)

We saw a centipede and

DSC05473(rev 1)

a lizard!

DSC05476(rev 1)

We had a great church service today followed by lunch at my parents. Andrew fell asleep on the way home. I am going to finish a few last minute school things and then it may be nap time for me also!


Meg said...

Good luck this week!! The casserole looks yummy, a lot like the upside down pizza recipe I have. That is so typical toddler camera time!!

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