Thursday, July 21, 2011

Andrew 26-28th months

Well I haven’t updated about Andrew in a while, so here it goes. Despite his age, he is still changing so much. I wish I wrote down more because I know that I am going to forget something.

Clothes: mostly 24 months and a few 2T shirts, but all the pants are loose. He is also wearing size 6 shoes and 4 diaper. This is the same as before. Some 24 months clothes are a little snug, but all 2T clothes are way too big.

Food: Andrew is still a very picky eater, but is getting a little better. He is now eating lasagna and mac and cheese! He still doesn’t eat much at a time, but I know he will make up for it later. He drinks a lot of juice mixed with water during the day, but would rather have milk all the time! I drank milk so much when I was pregnant, so maybe that is the reason! Smile 

Motor Skills: about the same as usual, but has started to pedal his tricycle some. He is also skipping!!

Sleep: He is taking one 2-3 hour nap everyday at around noon.  During the Summer he is going to bed at 9:00 at waking around 7:00. That will unfortunately change when I go back to work next week. We put him down for his naps and bedtime by reading him one story and leaving him to fall asleep on his own. He has been doing this for awhile and loves the stories!

Talking: Where do I begin? He can repeat ANYTHING and says most things very well. He is talking in 5 to 7 word sentences. He remembers everything he hears! He is still counting to 13, and knows part of the alphabet (a-d, h-k, and q-z), recognizes the number 1, his name, and letters A, B, E, O, P, S, and X. He knows the sounds for S, P, and B.

Teeth: No 2 year molars yet! Loves to brush his teeth all by himself and does a pretty good job!

Interest: continues to be all about machines, tractors, and cars. He has also become really interested in blocks, puzzles, and painting.

Potty Training: We attempted this a few weeks ago, but we decided that the time was not right. We are going to try again in a few months.

We fight tantrums and a very strong willed child daily, but that is the course for this age. I know his strong personality will serve him well when he is older. He is of course extremely loving. He tells Nick and I that we are his best friends and that he loves us all the time.

You take the good, you take the bad… (The facts of life)

He is actually loving the camera lately

DSC05322(rev 1)

His favorite thing in the world!

DSC05327(rev 1)

Silly Boy!

DSC05352(rev 1)

Loves his daddy!

DSC05369(rev 1)

Learning to cast a fishing rod

DSC05392(rev 1)

Andrew, thank you so much for being the best son I could ever ask for! You are the light of my life and the joy of my day. I am reminded constantly of how precious this life is by looking at you. May you continue to be head strong, but also let God be the leader!

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Loved this post! Precious boy!!