Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Classroom Tour 2011

I have been very busy getting my classroom ready. I am pretty much done with the room and now I just have to get all the lesson plans completed. The room looks so different from last year and I am glad for a change!

Here is the finished product!


DSC05431(rev 1)


DSC05432(rev 1)

Before we enter, check out the hallway BB’s! This is our grade level board that we use to track reading logs. A fellow teacher and I finished this yesterday. So bright and cheerful! Our theme this year is space!

DSC05406(rev 1)

My display outside of my door

DSC05407(rev 1)


DSC05408(rev 1)

Reading Nook

DSC05409(rev 1)

Classroom Jobs

DSC05410(rev 1)

Lunch Menu, Student of the Month board, and extra supplies cubbies

DSC05411(rev 1)

Math and Science BB’s

DSC05412(rev 1)

Close up

DSC05413(rev 1)

Cabinets and sink…nothing too exciting

DSC05414(rev 1)

All Star Behavior Rewards

DSC05415(rev 1)

Extra Supplies and Projector (yes I still have to use this ancient technology)

DSC05416(rev 1)

White Board

DSC05417(rev 1)


DSC05419(rev 1)

Small Group Table

DSC05418(rev 1)

Student work

DSC05420(rev 1)


DSC05421(rev 1)

Blog and Commenting Rules

DSC05422(rev 1)

My desk with NEW computer!!!

DSC05423(rev 1)

Math Manipulatives

DSC05424(rev 1)

Math Workshop area and Calendar Math

DSC05426(rev 1)

Calendar Math close up

DSC05427(rev 1)

Rocket Math and birthdays

DSC05428(rev 1)

Student desks split into 4 teams

DSC05429(rev 1)

Team supplies

DSC05430(rev 1)

That is the end of the tour!!


Carrie said...

looks really really good!

Amy said...

I am jealous! I have not even started!! I'm going Monday and will be there until I finish!! It looks great!

Meg said...

Girl, that looks like a TON of hard work!! It looks awesome!

Robyn Beele said...

Meg, I wasn't that bad this year. I have been teaching the same thing for 4 years so almost everything is already made. Thanks!

Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

I love your calendar board. I've been struggling to find appropriate tasks for my 4th grade class, and you have done a fantastic job updating calendar math for the upper grades.

Anonymous said...

Where can I purchase the math and science visuals-- I absolutely love them?