Monday, July 11, 2011

I found the solution!

After yesterday’s set back, I was determined to find a solution. I went ahead and bought this:


and some more of these:


The potty seat was brilliant!!! He LOVES it and wants to sit on it all the time. That can be quite exhausting, but at least he is not asking for a diaper. He loves sitting on the '”big” potty and flushing! The M&M’s are a nice treat!! He had several accidents yesterday, but only because he can’t get to the potty fast enough. I also have to assist with pulling down the underwear and sitting him on the potty. I feel like I am running a marathon with all the jumping up and running! He has only had one accident today and that is when I was in the shower and couldn’t get to him fast enough. Smile

I did my first Ripped in 30 workout and it was grueling!!!I had sweat dripping on the floor by the end! I was expecting that, but it was harder than 30 Day Shred! However, she changed the exercises more often which I like. It is broken up into 4 week segments with each getting progressively harder. I can’t imagine week 4. Hey, I can’t imagine week 2! I look forward to Pilates tomorrow!


Funny Guy and His Wife said...

That sounds like an exhausting workout! We just started Couch to 5k, and on the off days we are going to start P90X. Have you tried either of these?

Robyn Beele said...

I haven't but the infomercials for P90X look CRAZY! Good luck!!

Sarah said...

Hey Robyn! Long time, no comment! Sorry! If Andrew ends up not liking that potty seat, try just sitting him on the actual toilet. Face him backwards on it and he will feel more secure. Worked like a charm for Ace. Sitting the right way on the potty made him feel like he was going to fall in, but backwards he had a little more control. Probably TMI, but I think it helps him open up a little bit more to go poo. Also, try to keep him naked as much as possible. That helped a ton with Ace. Pullups are a glorified diaper, and underwear can be confusing.

Robyn Beele said...

Thanks Sarah! I will have to try that. We did nothing but a shirt for the first several days and it really helped. We are only using pull ups for going to the store right now.