Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mac and Cheese and Stinky Feet

Like the combo?

I have a very picky little eater. He eats very little and tends to graze throughout the day. He doesn’t like to try anything new. I can finally claim him as my own because he is finally eating mac and cheese!!

I LOVE the middle picture! That is his personality in a picture!


So on to the stinky feet. I need some advice on Andrew’s stinky feet. I am serious! They are awful! It doesn’t matter what type of shoe. It doesn’t matter if he wears socks or not. I was thinking maybe powder would help, but I don’t know. Any advice? or am I destined to live with a stinky boy? Smile

I am back to the real world tomorrow! It is going to be a LONG day! We have a meeting at 8:00 and then we return to our schools. Meet the teacher is later in the day, but parents come all day, so I will not leave till 7:00pm. YUCK!


Meg said...

I'm pretty sure you're stuck with it, cause I am too!!! I can be driving and know when C's taken his shoes off! Good for A for eating M&C, Cash won't yet. It amazes me, I thought all kids loved that!

Carrie said...

Now I know he is yours for sure lol I can't remember how many boxes of mac and cheese I made for you :) try powder but boys are stinky Noah's room always smells like feet and Axe good luck tomorrow

Funny Guy and His Wife said...

Hope you have a great first day back!

Jessica said...

No advice on stinky feet {I'll pray for you! Ha, ha!}, but your little guy is so sweet. I have a grazer, as well. No big meals.. just nibbles every 30 minutes, all day. : )