Sunday, July 10, 2011

Set backs…

Well potty training has had a set back. Andrew did very well on Friday and only had one accident. Then Saturday comes and he is DONE with using the potty! He is refusing to sit on the potty. He will hold it in until he is crying for me to put a diaper on him! I have tried EVERYTHING! Candy, bribes, distractions, pleading, and begging. He is not having it!

Nick and I went out yesterday for my birthday and my mom kept Andrew. She eventually had to put pull ups on him b/c he would NOT use the potty for her either. I put Andrew in underwear this morning and he held it until I put a pull up on him for church. That was 3 hours! If anyone has advice please let me know! We did decided to buy a toilet seat that goes over a normal toilet and another bag of M&M’s.  We are still trying!

Tuesday I took Andrew to see horses that are owned by my mom’s bosses. Andrew loved being outside and running around more than anything, but he did feed the horses a few apples.

Before we left

DSC05310(rev 1)

Running Around

DSC05311(rev 1)

Feeding the horses

DSC05313(rev 1)

Sitting on the Skid Steer…his favorite part!

DSC05315(rev 1)DSC05317(rev 1)

He did sit on a horse for about 2.5 seconds and then wanted down. I can’t blame him!

I finally got this in the mail! I can’t wait to get started!


I also got this classic! I did this in college and it put me into such great shape. I believe it was a VHS, which I don’t own anymore. Yeah I am old! I plan on alternating the two for variety.


Speaking of old…today is my 28th BIRTHDAY!! Happy birthday to me!!

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Hope you had a fabulous birthday!