Wednesday, September 21, 2011

3 + 1= 4

DSC05790(rev 1)

Do the Math! Yes I am expecting baby number 2!! I can’t begin to tell you how overjoyed we are to be blessed again! I went to the doctor yesterday and the estimated due date is May, 2012. This is such the perfect time for a teacher. It will be the end of the school year and I will have to only take off a week or two. I will then have the WHOLE summer to spend just being Mommy!

So here are all the details:

Nick and I decided around Christmas that we wanted to start trying for another baby at the beginning of the year. Mid January, I had the IUD removed that I have after Andrew. We actually tried not to get pregnant the first few months and then started trying around May. Well obviously the months carried on with disappointment, but I actually never let it get to me. Here I was with a beautiful 2 year old boy, what could I be upset about? Then September hit and I knew it was going to be the last month we were going to try for awhile. If I would get pregnant in Oct. or Nov. I would be due during the summer or the very beginning of the school year. Of course I would be happy either way, but the planner in me wanted to wait. I took Ovulation tests and then pregnancy tests about a 4 days before my missed period. In my mind I knew this was too early to test, but I did anyway. I even told Nick that I did not think we were ever going to have another child. I was having a pity party for sure and the first one I had would be the last! Remember my post about going to the zoo? Well after our outing, I had a feeling that I needed to take one more test. I was still not suppose to start till the next day, but I thought “what the heck!” I took one and got a very faint positive. I could see it,but Nick couldn’t. I took a more expensive early predictor test a few hours later and it was a CLEAR positive! I came downstairs and announced to Andrew, in front of Nick, that he was going to be a BIG brother!!! One of the moments I will never forget!

Do you think I went a little overboard??? You can tell the ones and the top were from the first day and were faint. The tests at the top are Wondfo brand from Amazon. They were $9 for 50!

DSC05756(rev 1)

I know I am going against the trend of waiting after the 1st trimester to tell, but I can’t hold in good news! I know things go wrong, but I would rather have people there for me then to go through it alone. So jump aboard on our new journey into parenting 2 little ones!


Carrie said...

I am so happy to be an Aunt again!!!

Funny Guy and His Wife said...

Congratulations Robyn! So happy for you!

BK said...

Congrats!! So excited for you! And Andrew will be the cutest big brother!!

Meg said...

Congrats!!!!! I was waiting til you made the official announcement. So excited for you guys (and a little jealous it's not our time yet) :) Can't wait to hear all about it over the months to come! Best wishes for a healthy and happy pregnancy!

J said...

Oh my goodness! How very exciting!! Congratulations, girl! I am the same way; always in the back of my mind thinking "I would rather get pregnant in September and be due in May, than get pregnant in November and have to endure pregnancy an entire summer". LOL!

Lea Liz said...

How exciting and wonderful! Congrats!