Sunday, September 4, 2011

Farm Days

We left bright and early Saturday to go with Nick’s parents to Farm Days! This was our first year going and we had a lot of fun. It is mostly an outdoor event full of old and new tractors! Andrew was in heaven!! They also had yummy food and crafts.

Posing with “big” tractors!

DSC05649(rev 1)DSC05653(rev 1)DSC05655(rev 1)

Testing out the equipment…

DSC05656(rev 1)DSC05657(rev 1)

Checking out a demonstration…

DSC05658(rev 1)DSC05660(rev 1)DSC05661(rev 1)

Andrew’s favorite part….running up and down a hill!

DSC05665(rev 1)DSC05666(rev 1)DSC05667(rev 1)DSC05669(rev 1)

We stopped by Chic-fi-la for lunch and then headed home. Andrew slept the entire way home plus two more hours at home. We wore him out!

Andrew is OFFICIALLY and completely potty trained!! We have had NO accidents in 4 days. He is sleeping at naps and night time with underwear. GOODBYE diapers!! You may be wondering how we made it traveling an hour and half and attending an outdoor event with a new potty trainer. We found something GENIUS!



This is a foldable potty seat! It folds up to about the size of a wallet. I just put it in a baggie and into the car. It was only $10 at Wal-Mart!


Funny Guy and His Wife said...

This looks like so much fun! And yay for potty training!

Meg said...

So cute!! Gosh, I hope it's that easy when we get to that stage. I'm so opposed to public bathrooms hence why I'm waiting so long!