Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lions, Tigers, and Bears…OH my!

We got up bright and early this morning and headed to The Greenville Zoo!

Here is Andrew before we left and on the way! He was so excited!

Notice the mark above his eye?? He tripped over a toy outside and hit the side of the porch! Ouch! I guess I should expect much more of this to come…

DSC05690(rev 1)DSC05692(rev 1)DSC05693(rev 1)

We stopped for a quick breakfast and then were on our way. The zoo did not open till 10, but they have an awesome playground. Andrew was content for an hour and a half!

Daddy was too!

DSC05695(rev 1)DSC05696(rev 1)DSC05698(rev 1)DSC05699(rev 1)DSC05704(rev 1)DSC05710(rev 1)

Then we headed toward the zoo! We went backgrounds through the zoo and were all alone for most of the time. So peaceful!

DSC05713(rev 0)DSC05714(rev 1)

Andrew loved this pig and the pig just snorted and snorted at him!DSC05720(rev 1)DSC05722(rev 1)


Off to see the alligators!

DSC05726(rev 1)DSC05730(rev 1)

Before we drove out of the parking lot, Andrew was out. Nick and I decided to head somewhere fast and eat in the car, so he could sleep. The first smell woke him up! LOL!

DSC05749(rev 1)

So, we headed to one of my favorite home stores, Home Goods! They had so many things I wish I could have taken home, but I didn’t. Sad smile I did find one thing I couldn’t leave behind!

DSC05752(rev 1)

I am in LOVE! I totally could have made this myself, but why!? This is hung in the Kitchen and it will be great to hang menus for the week and grocery list.

Andrew wanted to make something to hang! I have been teaching him how to draw a smiley face. Every time he tries he says, “ Dot (eye), Dot (eye), Dot (nose), SMILE (smile), Hair!

DSC05753(rev 1)

We are getting there!

DSC05755(rev 1)

Happy Birthday to my sister, Carrie! Also. Happy 40th Anniversary to my parents!


BK said...

Looks like it was a great day! The weather was perfect!!

Funny Guy and His Wife said...

I love all of your photos of Andrew- he is adorable! We love the Greenville Zoo and the park! So cheap and convenient!

Carrie said...

He looks like he had a blast!!!

J said...

How fun! & drawing a smiley durn cute!