Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tricycle and Friends

Andrew was given a small used tricycle about a year ago and has enjoyed pushing it around. His legs have always been too short to actually pedal…until the other day!!

DSC05784(rev 1)DSC05786(rev 1)DSC05788(rev 1)

He is pedaling downhill very well. Uphill is a lot harder when he is just learning. I am so proud of him!

Love these baby blues!

DSC05766(rev 1)DSC05767(rev 1)

Yesterday we hosted our Friday night group with friends. We had yummy Chili and Grilled Cheese! It was perfect for the cooler weather. We had dessert, but I will share that later next week.

The kids had so much fun playing.

DSC05792(rev 1)

Andrew even took Claire and Dylan for a ride!

Claire did so well hanging on and she just smiled the whole time!

DSC05795(rev 1)DSC05798(rev 1)DSC05799(rev 1)

I LOVE this picture of Andrew and Dylan! I am sure there is much more of this behavior to come!

DSC05801(rev 1)DSC05802(rev 1)DSC05803(rev 1)

Well we are off to meet my parents in Anderson. We are taking her out for her birthday! Have a great weekend!

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