Thursday, October 27, 2011

9 and 10 Weeks

9 Weeks10 Weeks

I decided to combine week 9 and 10 because they would both contain the same information and it is faster!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 9 and 10 weeks

Size of baby: Size of a grape (9 weeks) and a kumquat (10 weeks)

Gender: ???

Maternity Clothes: All maternity pants (mainly because I already had them and they are so comfortable! I am wearing a few shirts.

Weight gain: 3-5 lbs…or close to it. My weight always fluctuates between a few pounds, so it is hard to tell.

Movement: None, but I can’t wait.

Sleep: I am falling asleep most nights before 9:00…I literally cannot make myself stay up any later. I have started using a body pillow to help with some back pain.

Symptoms: My energy level hits rock bottom around 6. My appetite is fine during the day, but in the evening nothing sounds good. I have started have back pain during the evenings also (thank goodness for a heating pad).

Cravings: Subway sandwiches, orange juice, fruit, and milk

Best moment this week: seeing my belly grow! I had to wait much longer with Andrew, but this time around it is growing like crazy!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

My little peanut

Monday I went in for another doctor’s appointment and my first ultrasound. With Andrew I remember being so excited for the first ultrasound. Of course I was this time, but now I have more knowledge about all the things that could go wrong. I just wanted to see a healthy baby! Thank the lord everything was perfect! We could see the little peanut’s arms and legs moving and the heart beating. The heart beat was 183 bpm and Andrew was 176 bpm around the same time. The ultrasound technician and doctor said everything was perfect. The ultrasound due date said May 21st, but the doctor said may 24th was more accurate. So, at the moment I am 9 weeks!

scan0001(rev 1)scan0002(rev 1)

See the foot…Melts my heart!

scan0003(rev 1)scan0004(rev 1)

I am already totally in love!

8 Weeks

8 weeks

This picture is deceiving…I was actually showing more. I believe the pants were pushing me in some. Just wait till this weeks picture!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 8 weeks

Size of baby: Size of a kidney bean

Gender: ???

Maternity Clothes: All maternity pants (mainly because I already had them and they are so comfortable! I am wearing a few shirts.

Weight gain: 3 lbs…or close to it. My weight always fluctuates between a few pounds, so it is hard to tell.

Movement: None, but I can’t wait.

Sleep: I am falling asleep most nights before 9:00…I literally cannot make myself stay up any later.

Symptoms: Nausea is completely gone unless I go too long without eating. My energy level is okay during the day, but from the time I get home till I go to bed I am whipped out!

Cravings: Subway sandwiches, orange juice, and milk

Best moment this week: Having more energy during the day.

Pumpkin Patch

I am so far behind of documenting so many things. So, you will see several post today and tomorrow.  I have had ZERO energy after work. I have hardly even got on the internet all week. Anyway, 2 weeks ago we joined some friends at the Denver Downs Pumpkin Patch. We had a TON of fun!

The first picture is on the way…can you tell how excited he was? I love the second picture! He is standing at the entrance waiting on his friends to come!

DSC06053(rev 1)DSC06054(rev 1)

Finding his way through the maze and under the tire…

DSC06058(rev 1)DSC06059(rev 1)

Taking a look at the adorable baby pigs!

DSC06063(rev 1)DSC06064(rev 1)

Then a quick stop at the scarecrow…

DSC06067(rev 1)

On to the corn kernel box….

DSC06069(rev 1)DSC06073(rev 1)

Then the Cow Train!

DSC06075(rev 1)DSC06077(rev 1)

Amy and Kim even got to ride with Dylan and Claire…

DSC06080(rev 1)DSC06081(rev 1)

On to the horse swing and BIG maze…

DSC06085(rev 1)DSC06086(rev 1)DSC06087(rev 1)DSC06089(rev 1)

As you can tell the corn maze was a huge disappointment….The corn was not fully grown, so it didn’t make much of a maze. We tried to get pictures of Andrew and Dylan, but Dylan had other plans…

DSC06090(rev 1)DSC06092(rev 1)

Lastly we went on the hay ride around the farm and picked out 2 pumpkins! Andrew had so much fun! We can’t wait till next year!

DSC06098(rev 1)DSC06100(rev 1)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

7 Weeks

7 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights: Yes I am beginning to show! I knew things would happen sooner with the second, but I didn’t think it would be this soon.

How Far Along: 7 weeks (actually I will be 8 weeks tomorrow)

Size of baby: Size of a blueberry

Gender: ???

Maternity Clothes: Since I am ALREADY showing (CRAZY!), I am wearing maternity pants some. I wear the belly band with some pants also.  All my shirts are regular for now.

Weight gain: 3 lbs…or close to it. My weight always fluctuates between a few pounds, so it is hard to tell.

Movement: None, but I can’t wait.

Sleep: I am sleeping well, but getting up often to use the bathroom. (about 2 or 3 times)

Symptoms: The day after my 6 week post, I began having 24 hour nausea. It didn’t matter how much I ate, I would be sick. It was terrible! However, since week 7 most of it has subsided. I am still sick in the mornings until I eat. This is very similar to how I was with Andrew. I also still use the bathroom often and I am absolutely EXHAUSTED!!! Having a toddler does not give me time to ever rest. This is the hardest part so far!

Cravings: Anything cold!

Best moment this week: Going on vacation with my little family!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Pigeon Forge

Hello everyone! I am still alive! I have been so disconnected with the internet world. We left last Saturday for Pigeon Forge and got back Tuesday. We had such a great time with our friends Ed, Kim, and Claire Hoy! Warning: This is going to be a LONG post with TONS of pictures.

Day 1-Saturday:

We left bright and early Saturday morning. We stopped for a quick breakfast and proceeded to stop at almost every town from Hartwell to Pigeon Forge. NO kidding! Andrew wanted to check out every restroom! Anyway, we had a great trip up the mountains and Andrew slept for about 45 mins. The closer we got to our location the colder it got!

DSC05954(rev 1)DSC05957(rev 0)

We arrived around lunch and Ed and Kim met us at Arby’s for a quick lunch. Then we followed them up the windy and scary ride up the mountain to our cabin. We were up very high and the views were beautiful!

DSC06032(rev 1)

We got the car unpacked and let Andrew and I take a nap before heading back out. We then headed to Dolly Wood!

The park was decorated so beautifully for the fall!

DSC05962(rev 1)DSC05963(rev 1)

Ducks wandered everywhere!

DSC05964(rev 1)

Our first stop was the Carousal…

DSC05965(rev 1)

The Hoy’s having fun!

DSC05970(rev 1)

We then headed to the train!! Andrew was so excited! However, it was very cold!

DSC05972(rev 1)DSC05978(rev 1)

We left the park (we got the 2nd day free) after a few hours and headed to dinner at Johnny Carino’s .


Day 2- Sunday:

We left early Sunday morning for round two of Dolly Wood. This day was full of rides! Andrew and Claire rode everything they could ride for their height. I was so proud of how willing Andrew was to ride anything!

I did not get to ride anything with Andrew, but he enjoyed spending time with Daddy!


We ate lunch at the park and then headed back to the cabin for long naps! We then headed to dinner at the Old Mill. We went early, so we did have to wait at all!

DSC05986(rev 1)DSC05987(rev 1)

After a very filling dinner, we headed to the nearby candy, toy, and ice cream shops!

They had a cute area set up for pictures!


Aren’t they the cutest!?


DSC05990(rev 1)

Andrew got a new tractor at the toy store!

DSC05992(rev 1)

Such a funny picture!
DSC05995(rev 1)

Day 3-Monday

Monday was Ed and Kim’s last day.


After a pancake breakfast, we headed to the Aquarium in Gatlinburg.

This is a tractor at the Pancake restaurant…

DSC05996(rev 1)

Andrew was tired throughout the whole Aquarium, but he seemed to enjoy it.

DSC05998(rev 1)

DSC06009(rev 1)DSC06015(rev 1)DSC06016(rev 1)

Crawling under the penguin house…

DSC06024(rev 1)DSC06027(rev 1)

We headed back to the cabin for naps and Ed and Kim headed home…

Later we went to play putt-putt! We had no idea that this particular course took you on a train ride to the top! Andrew was so happy!

DSC06034(rev 1)

Andrew even got his own putter and ball…

DSC06036(rev 1)DSC06039(rev 1)DSC06041(rev 1)

We spent the rest of our last day just relaxing and enjoying the views!

DSC06045(rev 1)DSC06047(rev 1)


Both of the views were from our balcony! We had such a great time!